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Women's Walk #83 will be October 22-25, 2009

Pilgrim list updated 10/20/2009 

Pilgrim's Name City Sponsor's Name
Connie Abirached Midland Amin Abirached
Teresa Adkins Jamestown Roxanne and Russell Turner
Susan Barber Greenfield David Barber
Carolyn Caldwell Hillsboro Cathy Zindorf
Maggie Copley Grove City Rob and Martha Scott
Rebecca Cramer Sabina Susan Thompson/Lori Mount
Amanda Craycraft Williamsburg Rebecca Van Camp
Jessica Davenport Milford Dave Davenport
Michelle Durham Cincinnati Randy Durham
Phyllis Ely Greenfield Vernon and Joy Stanforth
Becky Fannin Kingston Rod Hilderbrand
Betty Jo Gee Hillsboro Karen Bloedel
Cindy Harrison Gallipolis Betty Yovich
Martha James Adelphi Sherry Hilderbrand
Sherry Louderback Mt. Orab Cindy Bloom
Joy Macaluso Wilmington Judy Bracht
Norma Morales Washington CH Vernon and Joy Stanforth
Lillian Schwegler Blanchester Charles Schwegler
Sonya  Smith Washington CH Amanda Pickerill
Lorna Sullivan Midland Barbara Hameister/Patti Loftin
Sarah Tabor Mt. Orab Chuck and Susie Tabor
Dorothy Vanscoy Lynchburg Cindy Bailey/Judy Laycock
Tiffany Walls Wilmington Jennifer Brown/Jennifer Bailey
Jackie  Wass Clarksville Johnnie Wass



Update List Changes

Additions to the Pilgrim List will be noted in RED.
Deletions from the list will be noted in GREY.

All information of this page is provided by the Registrar or Lay Leader of the Walk


Please don't wait to write your Agape to the Pilgrims!
You know how important it was to you!
Deadline for Agape is October 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Be sure to sign up for the Prayer Vigil during the Sponsor's Hour on October 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Candlelight is scheduled for October 24 at 7:30 p.m.
(Sometimes music starts earlier)

Closing is scheduled on October 25 at 4:30 p.m.



The Team

LD  Paula Erwin    Perseverance

ALD  Kendra Young    Fourth Days

ALD   Robyn Hinman    Growth Through Study

ALD   Stephanie Cummings   Priorities

SD  Joy Stanforth    Means of Grace

ASD   Janette Post

MD  Cindy Bloom

AMD  Suzanne Hopkins

BR  Judy Bracht 

AV  Christy Mitchell 

TL  Chandra Bills    Life In Piety

TL  Brenda Davis    Priesthood/Believers

TL  Laura Parker    Christian Action

TL  Tiffany Tehan    Discipleship

TL  Judy Schnatz    Changing Our World

TL  Wendy Daugherty   Body of Christ

ATL  Kristen McKenna

ATL  Kathey Carroll

ATL  Donna Potts

ATL  Heidi Friend

ATL  Myrna Rose

ATL  Sabrina Hunt

Means of Grace:  Joy Stanforth

Obstacles to Grace: Janette Post

Prevenient Grace: Calvin Martin

Sanctifying Grace: Chuck Tabor

Justifying Grace: Judi Wiley