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This page has been created for the purpose of relaying prayer requests that are made within the community. Concerning issues of privacy, please make sure that permission is granted by the person(s) needing prayer for the request to be posted online. Send your requests to or click on the "Request Prayers" link on the home page. Prayers may also be listed on the community's Facebook page.

We express our apologies in any delays in the posting of prayer requests or updates. Technology is not always foolproof and humans are sometimes forgetful. Also, please excuse any misspellings. Thank you for your understanding. :-) ~~ WAE Webservants

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Added 1/10/18 from Wilmington FB page, 1/10

Most of you know Rusty and Theresa Staten. They posted this sad news about their daughter, Liz:

Posts from Liz’s friends have started, so here sweet baby girl lost her battle with addiction. She is now flying high with the angels and dancing with Jesus. Her mind is free from torment forever. I don’t know what else to say right now other than please pray for us.

**POSTED BY RUSTY STATEN ON HIS PERSONAL FB PAGE, 1/10 6:45 p.m. Thank you all so much for your condolences and prayers. I could never tell you how much each and everyone of you have been such a Blessing to my family. Here is the info on the viewing and funeral. (Greenfield, Ohio)

Monday Viewing 5-8 Anderson-Ebright funeral Home 306 S Washington St.

Tuesday Funeral 11:00 First Baptist Church 125 N Washington St.

Added 1/8/18

From January 2018 Newsletter:
Thank you for praying for the following: Travis, Janet Workman, William Williams, Iris Wilkinson, Lasley Wilkinson, Joe Kessling, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Danielle Thompson, Dave Hinman family, Phil Barber, Pam Smith, Tina Knisley, Pamela Nickell, Val McKinney, Anthony Adkins, Erin Butler, Ralph Bloom, Colleen Loveland, Braxton Henderson, Liam Williams, Juli Polstra, Isabella Grace, Emma Gusman, Autumn, the Oscar McKinney family, Doug Ford, Dora Butler, Leah Williams, Colleen McLaughlin, Pauline Lyons, Joan Hudson, Christy Mitchell’s church, Donald Knisley, Marvin Streitenberger, Amanda Foster, Jason Wyckoff, the Emmaus community, our ministers, relationships with family, our government, relationship with God, February Men’s Walk

Added 12/17/17

From December 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Travis, Jason Wyckoff, William Williams, Iris Wilkinson, Janet Workman, Joe Kessling, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Lasley Wilkinson, Joan Hudson, Phil Barber, Marion Butler family, Anthony Adkins, Pamela Nickell, Danielle Thompson, Colleen Loveland, Erin Butler, Pam Smith, Amanda Foster, Braxton Henderson, Val McKinney, Juli Polstra, Isabella Grace, Ralph Bloom, Autumn, Oscar McKinney, Marian Butler, Dora Butler, Leah Williams, Liam Williams, Pauline Lyons, Joan Hudson, Tina Knisley, Marvin Streitenbeger, Emma Gusman, Donald Knisley, Doug Ford, George Quallen, Colleen McLaughlin, Christy Mitchell’s church, Jason and Lorraine and Clark Tibbetts, Tina and Donald Knisley, the Emmaus community

 Added 12/15/17 POSTED ON FB BY MIKE DAUGHERTY, THURS. 12/14 7:00 PM

I just received word from Glenn Thompson that Lynn passed away. Visitation is Friday from 6 to 8. For info follow this link

Added 12/7/17 via e-mail from Mike Daugherty, 12/7 9:49 a.m.

Glenn Thompson has asked if our community could pray for his mother in law, Lynn Bayes, who is in the hospital with multiple serious illnesses.

Added 12/5/17 via WAE e-mail from Randy Riley, Mon. 12/4 - 7:13 p.m.

Our good friend Clara (Porky) Sears has been very sick lately. Prayers for Porky are requested.

Added 11/8/17

From November 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Travis; Jason Wyckoff; Iris Wilkinson; Janet Workman; Dawna Jo Kiesling; Lasley Wilkinson; Nancy Walker; George Quallen; Pamela Nickell; Janell Smart; Danielle Thompson; Jennifer Hunter; Braxton Henderson; Jerod Policy; JC Bihl; Bill Adae; the Emmaus community; Christy Mitchell’s church; relationship with God; Jason, Lorraine, and Clark Tibbetts; The Patty Krebs family; The Patti Reynolds family

11-7-17 UPDATE -- Bobbie Reno posted on 11-4 "Found my son, Justin Udtana, in Santa Monica, CA. Taking him to lunch with family."

Added 10/17/17 via WAE e-mail from Angela Hughes, 10/16 - 7:33 p.m.

Please pray for my husband James that he would put the Lord first and honor our marriage. That he would put the Lord first in our finances. Pray that the Lord, would bless my husband’s work. that he would be diligent and prosperous and given favor both with the Lord and man. That he would be the head and not the tail. That everything he does prospers. Pray that no weapon formed against us would prosper.. That the Lord would give him wisdom and discernment. Pray that the Lord would give him strength to walk into opportunities he provides. That the Lord, would infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and heal the past wounds of my husband’s heart. Pray the Lord would guide my husband as the leader of our home. Help my husband’s parenting to reflect Jesus Christ to our children. May his leadership skills be empowered by the mind of Jesus Christ. Pray the Lord would lead my husband's hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community and church. Also please pray a guard over his heart, mouth and mind, Jesus. Also to protect him from temptation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly pray for him to have encouraging and godly friendships. Break any soul times or relationships that are not from the Lord. In Jesus Name Amen.


Added 10/8/17 via e-mail from Dave Hinman, 7:44 p.m.
Please keep Patti Reynolds and her family/friends in your prayers as she is battling cancer.  Patti is currently under Hospice care in Cincinnati, and she may be going home soon.

Added 10/8/17 9:05 p.m. via WAE FB comment from Tina Werner Lytle, 8:45 p.m.
Patti passed away today.

As more information is received, it will be shared with the community.  ~WAE Webservants

Added 10/5/17

From October 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Justin Udtana, Janell Smart, Iris Wilkinson, Janet Workman, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Lasley Wilkinson, Pamela Nickell, Christy Mitchell’s church, the Emmaus community, friends with dilemmas, October Emmaus walk, relationship with God, relationships with family, our country

11-7-17 UPDATE -- Bobbie Reno posted on 11-4 "Found my son, Justin Udtana, in Santa Monica, CA. Taking him to lunch with family."

Added 10/3/17 via Facebook posts from community member Bobbie Reno

Posted on 9/29, 9:26 p.m. -- Friends, i need your help! My 18-yr son, Justin Udtana, has been missing since 9.14.17. He left home and was supposed to go to my moms and never showed up. He has not contacted any family members since he left. He is impulsive, not making sound decisions. I have reason to believe he may now be in CA. His car broke down in Arizona and he hitchhiked to CA with at least 2 other 18 yr olds. Working with local sheriffs office to find out more, but the last update was that he loaned his phone to a "friend" who stole it. Justin is now believed to be traveling by foot alone and another acquaintance said he last heard from him mon at 3:05 pm and although he sounded ok, he also sounded as if he were in trouble. I am really worried about him. Please be looking out for him and praying for his safety. He often wears a hoodie and/or a ballcap (but isnt always smiling). Please call me at 937-631-6340 if you know anything. He was last seen traveling with Zachary (Zach Wilson) who is also mentally unstable. Justin is about 5'.8-5'9 and weighs approx. 160-170 lbs with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is an asian male. Justin also has a tatoo of an alien smoking a blunt on his wrist and a cross with dripping blood on his opposite forearm. Thanks for all of your prayers, love, help and support!

Update on 10/2, 8:26 p.m. -- "He was last seen in cali a week ago. His car broke down in arizona. They hitchhiked to los angeles county, cali. He and zach fell asleep outside, when zach woke up, justin was gone. No one has seen or heard from h8m since. Zach wad arrested in cali on 24th. Justin snapchatted a friend last mon and said he was ok, but acted as if he were in trouble. He knows no one in cali. Just the boy he was traveling with. He has no money, no food, no car, no phone, no job, no place to go, and no medicine."

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

Added 9/9/17

From September 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Pam Smith, Mark Kersey, Becky Kersey, Jennie Harner, Sue McConnaughey, our country, Brian, heroin addiction, unspoken prayers, our ministers, hurricane(s) victims, the Drew East family, teachers and students, the Emmaus community, the upcoming walks, Lasley and Iris Wilkinson, Christy Mitchell’s church, Susie and Todd Graves, Dean and Dawna Jo Kiesling, Christians around the world, Janet and Mark Workman and family

Added 8/24/17, from Janet Workman

Please keep me and my husband Mark, son Lucas, and other family members in your prayers as I was diagnosed with colon cancer on August 3.  This was not expected.  I did have surgery on August 15 and learned later that there is lymph node involvement.  I have met with the oncologist and am working on a treatment plan. Thank you all for your prayers!

Added 8/1/17

From August 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR Dawna Jo Kiesling, the Sam Dawson family, Sally, Lasley Wilkinson, Iris Wilkinson, Shawn Chapel, Sue McConnaughey, Robyn King, Perry Harewood, Christy Mitchell and her church, the upcoming Walks, our country, our ministers, unspoken prayers, the Emmaus community, Christians around the world

Added 7/7/17

From July 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR: Dawna Jo Kiesling and the Lynette Shanton family (Lynette, daughter of Dean/Dawna Jo Kiesling, passed away on 6/23 at the age of 33, leaving behind her husband and two small children), Chris Hopkins, Latasha Ruddle, Lasley Wilkinson, Iris Wilkinson, Barbara Robinson, Sue McConnaughey,  Christy Mitchell and her church, our country, our ministers, unspoken prayers, the Emmaus community, Christians around the world.

Added 6/14/17 -- via emails from Debbie Mitchell, Tues. 6/13/17

Please be in prayer for my mom, Iris Wilkinson. She had to have her colon removed Tuesday evening after being very sick for 10 days. This was a very risky surgery considering her age and overall health.  She came through surgery fine and it turned out she had gangrene in her colon. She is looking at a very long and painful recovery period and her doctor only gives her a 50% survival rate during the recovery time. Thank you for your prayers.

Added 6/9/17

From June 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Dawna Jo Kiesling, Lasley Wilkinson, Lynette Shanton, Sue McConnaughey, Chris Hopkins, Christy Mitchell and her church, unspoken prayer requests, our country, those with heroin addictions, Christians around the world, relationships with family, our ministers, June Emmaus walk

Added 6/3/17 -- via email from Jenny Dobbs, Mon. 5/22/17, 8:05 a.m. (apologies for delay in adding--JMW)

Marsha Tomlin, Walk #87, is having a lot of difficulty with her dialysis and is asking for prayer from the community.

Added 5/17/17 -- via WAE email from Debbie Bryant, Wed. 5/17/17, 10:28 a.m.

Godwin Apaliyah (Walk #63) lost his mother yesterday morning in an accident back in his home of Ghana, Africa. Not sure at this time if Godwin is planning on traveling to Ghana, but please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Added 5/9/17

From May 2017 Newsletter:
THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR: those with heroin overdoses, Lynnette Shanton, Christians around the world, friends with dilemmas, those with cancer, Ashley Fizer, teachers, Pastor Tom Zile, our country, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Sue McConnaughey, Lasley Wilkinson, Emmaus June walk, the Jeremy Carter family, seniors in high school and college, and all children who struggle in school

Added 4/2/17

From April 2017 Newsletter:
PLEASE PRAY FOR -- heroin overdoses, Lynnette Shanton, Barry Zink, friends with dilemmas, Lily Clark, Frank McKenzie. Janet Workman, TJ McClellan, Don Hamilton, Daisy Gill,  Dawna Jo Kiesling, safety of work team at Papau, New Guinea, Sue McConnaughey, those with cancer, Lasley Wilkinson, Emmaus June walk, our country, all children who struggle in school, Christy Mitchell and her church: Diamond Hill Presbyterian Church in Gladys, VA, and Dawson family/trial during Holy Week

Added 3/8/17

From March 2017 Newsletter:  PLEASE PRAY FOR -- heroin overdoses, Lynnette Shanton, Kathy Setty, friends with dilemmas, Melissa Travis, Carl Guenther, Terry Roush family, Kevin Ellis, Leesburg UMC, Kathy Snowball, Mission team in Haiti, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Sue McConnaughey, Lasley Wilkinson, Nathan Dale, our country, all children who struggle in school, Christy Mitchell and her church: Diamond Hill Presbyterian Church in Gladys, VA, and Dawson family/ trial during Holy Week

Added 2/3/17

From February 2017 Newsletter: PLEASE PRAY FOR --Lynnette Shanton, Barry Zink, Bob Brown, Terry Lucas, Wendall Mahanes, Leone Bihl, Clara Sears, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Sue McConnaughey, Lasley Wilkinson, Brenda Creek, Shane Setty, Christy Mitchell and her church: Diamond Hill Presbyterian Church in Gladys, VA, friends with dilemmas, relationship with God, our country, February Emmaus Walk

Added 1/7/17

From January 2017 Newsletter: PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Lynnette Shanton, Shepherd Hamilton, Tony Williams, Amanda Foster, Bob Brown, Jordan Foster, Jeff Elson, Melissa Elmore, Leone Bihl, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Jill Nunnery, Kathy Snowball, Lasley Wilkinson, Abigail Price, the Helen Hiestand family, the Beulah H. Carnahan family, relationship with God, friends with dilemmas, our country, February Emmaus Walk

Added 12/21 4:05 p.m.

Update on Bob Brown from Jennifer, Wed., 12/21, 11:41 a.m. – Bob is able to come home today. He says his leg is less painful, yea for that. As far as cardiac goes, he is to follow up in a week or two with a cardiologist. Please continue prayers for his continued healing. Thanks.

Update on Bob Brown from Jennifer Tues., 12/20, 2:30 p.m. -- Bob is not doing much better. His cellulitis is still bad, he is in a lot of pain. They took him off IV and on pills. As far as cardiac he has Severe Aortic Stenosis. We have to talk to cardiology but he might need surgery. We are at wait and see. Chance he might come home today. I hope not. I want him on pill medication for a day or two to be sure it works.

Added 12/17/16

Prayer request from Jennifer Bills Brown via FB, Fri. 12/16 10:08 pm

If you all get a chance would you say a prayer for my husband Bob. He is in the hospital (Clinton Memorial) with real bad cellulitis in his leg. They are also looking for DVT. His liver enzymes are up and now depending on next test results may transfer out for cath lab. All prayers appreciated.

Latest updates from Jennifer and Chandra Clark Bills: As of 3 p.m. Saturday - They are giving him some heart medication and waiting on a cardiologist. As of 5 p.m. - He will not see the cardiologist until Monday.

Added 12/8/16

From Facebook page: Please pray for the families of Helen M. Hiestand and Beulah H. Carnahan. They both went home to be the Lord on November 27.

From December 2016 Newsletter: PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Lynnette Shanton, Shepherd Hamilton, Tony Williams, Amanda Foster,  Kathy Snowball, Jordan Foster, Jeff Elson, Melissa Elmore, Leone Bihl, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Jill Nunnery, Kathy Snowball, Lasley Wilkinson, Abigail Price, friends with dilemmas, our country, the Gatlinburg area, relationship with family, relationship with God, February Emmaus Walk

Added 11/8/16

From November 2016 Newsletter: PLEASE PRAY FOR -- Kathy Snowball, Lynnette Shanton, Melissa Elmore, Shepherd Hamilton, Jeff Elson, praise Marian Hamilton, Abigail Price, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Jordan Foste,r Jill Nunnery, Amanda Foster, Tony Williams, Lasley Wilkinson, our Military, friends with dilemmas, relationships with God, relationship with family, our country, Wilmington Emmaus

Added 10/24/16 via WAE e-mail and Facebook message

From Carole Gibbs (WW #95 June 2015) -- prayers for best friend Lisa (lung cancer)

From Amanda Gordley (WW #95 June 2015) -- final stages of purchasing a bigger home for our family and we really need it; tentatively supposed to close soon. My husband was injured at work and had to have an MRI. Also, along with an MRI, I am having surgery November 4. PRAYERS PLEASE.

Added 10/12/16

Please keep the Family and Friends of Josh White (Junior at Miami Trace High School, Wash. CH) in your prayers as he died unexpectedly on Saturday, October 8.

Added 10/7/16

From October 2016 Newsletter: Please pray for the following -- Barbara George, Lisa Baker, Zach Bloom, Lynnette Shanton, Travis Tracy, Kathy Snowball, Sue Lewis, Janece Curry, Brittany, Laurie Wiley, Jill Nonnery, Dawna Jo Kiesling, Robby Nonneroy, Laslie Wilkinson, our ministers, relationships with God, Unspoken prayers, relationships with family, our country

Added 9/21/16

The memorial service for Sabrina Miller will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 22 at Dove Church in Wilmington. Family will receive friends from 1 pm until the time of service.

Added 9/14/16

From September 2016 Newsletter: Please pray for the following -- Barbara George, Lynnette Shanton, Lisa Baker, Travis Tracy, the family of Sam Barnhouse, Kathy Snowball, Zach Bloom, Sue Lewis, Jill Nonnery, Janece Curry, Dawna Jo Kiesling, the family of Sabrina Miller, Robby Nonnery, Laurie Wiley, Laslie Wilkinson, the Kaden Hughes family, relationships with God, relationships with family, our country

8/17/16 from Mark & Janet Workman

Please keep Danny Merritt (Walk #58), his wife Paula, and the rest of the family in your prayers. Their 12 year old grandson, Kaden Hughes, died suddenly early Saturday morning (August 13) of a severe asthma attack. Kaden and his dad David Merritt lived with Danny and Paula. They, as well as all of Kaden's family, are devastated.


11:49 a.m. Announcing change in Sabrina Miller's service -- FROM DAVE HINMAN: The plans changed as of this morning and we've been trying to get the word out. The service at DOVE tomorrow will be for Sandy Tell only. Sabrina's memorial service has been postponed and will be rescheduled soon. This is due to emergency open heart surgery today for Everett Miller, Sabrina's stepfather.

Arrangements for Sabrina Miller: Funeral service for Sabrina and her mother Sandra Tell will be on Thursday, August 11 at noon at Dove Church. Friends may call an hour before and are welcome to visit after the service.

Please keep Joy Stanforth and her family in your prayers as her sister, Connie Harper, died on Thursday, August 4. Thank you.

8/8/16 From WAE Facebook

The Wilmington Area Emmaus Community is saddened to learn of the tragic death of one of our members, Sabrina Miller. We are lifting up her family and friends in prayer during this most difficult time. We will post arrangements once we are aware of them. Sabrina and her mother, Sandra Tell, were both killed in a wreck near Cincinnati on Saturday morning.

Added 8/1/16

From August 2016 Newsletter: Please pray for the following -- Barbara George. Rainee Angles, Lynnette Shanton, Lisa Baker, Dustin Tracy, Travis Tracy, Sam Barnhouse, friends with dilemmas, Kathy Snowball, Zach Bloom, Janice Curry, Sue Lewis, Jill Nonnery, Hillsboro Christian Academy, Dawna Jo Kiesling, September Men’s Walk, October Women’s Walk, Robby Nonneroy, relationships with God, Our military, relationship with family, Laurie Wiley, Laslie Wilkinson, David Waits, our country and election

Added 7/6/16

From July 2016 Newsletter: Please pray for the following -- Tony Williams, Rainee Angles, Lynnette Shanton, Bob and Dorothy Hodson, Dustin Tracy, David Stanforth, Donna Farquhar, friends with dilemmas, Kathy Snowball, David Waits, Emmaus September Walk, Jill Nonnery, Robby Nonnery, relationships with God and family, Our military

Added 6/19/16

From June 2016 Newsletter: Donna Farquhar, Bob and Dorothy Hodson, Dawna Jo Kiesling, The Kiesling Family, Jobey Lucas, Jill Nonnery, Robby Nonnery, Kathy Snowball, David Stanforth, David Waits,Tony Williams, Our military, and Unspoken requests

Added 5/1/16

From May 2016 Newsletter: Rainee Angles; Jobey Lucas; Jill Nunnbry; Dawna Jo Kiesling; David Waits; Abi Lykins; Lynnette Shanton; Connie Harper; Daisy Gill; Mr. and Mrs.Calvin (Carla) Martin; Rhoden family in Pike County and situation; Jason Salyers; Cathy Snowball; Ron Spendlove; The Tara Cole Nagle family; unspoken requests; friends’ dilemmas; relationships with God and family; Students, teachers, and administration in education system

Added 4/14/16

From April 2016 Newsletter: Rainee Angles; Jobey Lucas; Dawna Jo Kiesling; David Waits; Lynnette Shanton; Dan Foose; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin (Carla) Martin; Jill Nunnbry; Connie Harper; Jason Salyers; Abi Lykins; Daisy Gill; Cathy Snowball; unspoken requests; friends’ dilemmas; relationships with God and family; and students, teachers, and administration in education system

Added 4/14, via Pleasant Grove Community Church FB page on 4/11 at 10:34 a.m. (permission to share from PGCC FB admin.)

Just spoke to Calvin who is at the hospital with Carla. He said they have her sitting up today, and she's not quite as sedated, so she can respond (by shaking her head) to him. She still has the ventilator in to help her breathe (he said she has 8 cracked ribs!), but they are hoping to remove her from that soon. They are talking about scheduling the surgery on her left foot. Calvin says that they are piping in music for her, and she's been moving her right foot to the beat. smile emoticon That's pretty good, knowing they just operated on her right femur the other day! Calvin says the best thing for her now is rest, so keep the prayers going. He was very positive (as always), and said she's doing as well as she can. My heart was heavy for them this morning, but now I feel a bit lighter. Praise God for moving on her thus far, and I thank Him for what He's going to do as she continues to heal. What a mighty God we serve!

(Received message on 4/12 that Calvin is thankful for all our prayers.)

Added 4/9/2016

Info from Mary Brose (via Sandie Wingo) and Jennifer Dobbs 4/8/16 & 4/9/16

Carla Martin, wife to pastor Calvin Martin, was in a bad car accident on Friday April 8.  She was med flighted to UC hospital and has a broken ankle, a broken femur, a broken wrist and 2 broken ribs. Please keep Calvin and Carla in your prayers. 

Added 3/1/16

From March 2016 Newsletter: Rainee Angles, Jobey Lucas, Dawna Jo Kiesling, David Waits, Lynnette, unspoken requests, and relationships with God and family

Added 2/23/16

Via WAE Facebook post 2/17 & 2/18/15 from Keith Little: Emmaus brother Scott Carter passed away on February 16.  Scott's Calling Hours are Wednesday February 24, 2016 from noon to 2 p.m. at The Jamestown Church of Christ, 152 West Washington Street Jamestown, Ohio. Phone 937-675-5871. The Memorial Service will begin at 2 P.M. Dr. Keith Little (D. Min) will preach the message.

Added 2/11/16

From February 2016 Newsletter: Please pray for the following -- Rainee Angles, Jobey Lucas, David Wait, relationships with God and family, unspoken requests.

Added 12/30/15

Via WAE e-mail from Pete & Lynne Barbiero 12/22/15: Please keep Lynne Barbiero (Wilmington Women's Walk #91) in your prayers. On January 4, 2016, she is having surgery at Riverside Methodist, to amputate below her left knee. This is due to a severe injury to her foot in April of 2013. She had 5 surgeries to try and save her foot but the damage is just too severe and this is the only option. Thank you for your love and prayers!

Pete and Lynne Barbiero

Added 12/22/15

Via E-mail from Robyn Hinman 12/22/15: Please keep the family of Brian Bailey of Blanchester in your prayers. Brian is Barbara & David Bailey's son and Jennifer Bailey's husband. He was killed in a tragic farming accident on Saturday, December 19. The family will receive friends from Noon - 2 PM today (Tuesday, Dec. 22) at the Friendship Baptist Church in Harveysburg. Funeral services will follow at 2 p.m. Burial will be in Miami Cemetery, Corwin. Condolences at

Via WAE Facebook post 12/15/15: Please pray for the family of Ellen Marie Alexander, mother of Terry Alexander. Mrs. Alexander passed away on Monday, December 14. Her obituary may be read at

Via WAE Facebook post 12/9/15: Please pray for the family of Adell Shoe, mother of Mary Jane (Jim) West, who passed away on Monday, December 7. Her obituary may be read at

Added 12/2/15

From December 2015 Newsletter: These names were lifted up at our November Gathering. Please continue to pray for these folks: Zach Bloom; Dave & Dinah Bond; Verna Carbolotti; Carrie Carnes-Denier and sons:, Chase, Connor and Colean; Family of Gary Conover; Gary Flaugher; Joan Fussner; Daisy Gill; Christy Mitchell; Adele Shoe; Robin Smalley; Tom Smart; Jean Stroman

Added 11/4/15 via WAE e-mail (11/4, afternoon)

The NoVa Great Banquet is in need of prayer warriors to sign up for our prayer vigils for our upcoming Great Banquet weekends.

The men's weekend begins tomorrow/Thursday, November 5 and ends Sunday, November 8.

The women's weekend begins next Thursday, November 12, and ends Sunday, November 15.

If time allows and you are called to pray for our guests and community, please sign up by registering on our website -- instructions below

We truly appreciate your prayers and will continue to keep you all in our prayers as well.

Many blessings & de Colores,
NoVa Great Banquet

To register for the prayer vigil via the website: 1.Navigate to 2.Select the Register button (top right) 3.Fill in User Name, Password, Display Name and Email 4.Select the Register button (bottom left) 5.A verification email is sent to your email address. 6.Use the link in the verification email to verify your account. 7.Login to 8.Select Service Acts Tab (second menu row center top).

Added 11/2/15

From November 2015 Newsletter: These names were lifted up at our October Gathering. Please continue to pray for these folks. Dave & Dinah Bond, Doris Chakeres, Jim Garvey, Don Hamilton, Daniel Jacky, Brent Kiphart, “My Family”, Lisa Pitzer, Marsha Tomlin, Keely Wagner, Lasley & Iris Wilkerson. Please remember our pilgrims who were on the last two walks. You remember how on fire you were when you completed your walk and went back into the world? It’s not easy!

Added 10/5/15

From October 2015 Newsletter: The Editor could not be at our September Gathering. If you were there, you know the names that were lifted up and for whom prayer was requested. God knows these names also, so we only ask that His will be done in the lives of those who need healing.

Added 9/5/2015 -- via WAE e-mail on 9/1/2015

Please keep Brenda Lieurance (Walk #90), her husband, and their two adult Autistic sons who live with them in your prayers.  Brenda is currently battling breast cancer and undergoing treatment.  It is tough on all of them.  Thank you.

Added 8/27/15

From September 2015 Newsletter: At our August Gathering, the following names were lifted up in prayer. Please continue praying for these folks.

David Barber, Richard Martin, Our Nation, Danny Stringer, Lasley & Iris Wilkinson

Added 8/18/15

From August 2015 Newsletter: The Editor was in Tennessee during the week of the July. Gathering.

Our Lord knows who needs prayer and what their needs are. Please remember to pray for our Emmaus Community Members. Remember the children who will be going back to school this month. Pray for our country and the state of Christianity.

From July 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our June Gathering.

Those on the Autism Spectrum, Katie Lowell, Aurigema, Dave & Dinah Bond, Paula Campbell & family, Family of David Deck, Joe Gibson, Shirley Gilliam, Family of Keith Gilmore, Christy Mitchell, Don Smedley, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Mary Brown Turner, Unspoken request, Tony Williams, Iris Wilkinson, Lasley Wilkinson


July 2, 2015 -- via FB post from Debbie Mitchell

Please pray for my Dad, Lasley Wilkinson. He has been taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay. He will be having a port put in so that he can start dialysis. I will be traveling to Findlay in an hour or so.

(Additional info from Debbie --)  I have talked to my sister tonight (Wednesday) and Dad isn't feeling so good. He has been having lots of bad days since he went to the hospital on May 2nd. He has Afib heart issues, gout, and kidney problems. Dad is 88 years old.

Added 6/9/15

Please keep the family of Keith Gilmore (husband of Joy) in your prayers as he passed away on Saturday, June 6. A memorial service will be held Saturday, June 13th at 11:30 at the Northview Baptist Church, 1139 Northview Drive, Hillsboro.

Full obituary:

Added 6/3/15

From June 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our May Gathering.

Those on the Autism Spectrum, Katie Lowell Aurigema, Dave & Dinah Bond, Family of Mike Campbell, Family of Ken Humphries, June Women’s Walk, Pam Kline, October Women’s Walk, September Men’s Walk, Jeff & Janell Smart’s grandson coming, Lebanon UM Pastor, Dillon Staas, Adel Shoe, Jim West, Iris Wilkinson, Lasley Wilkinson

5/31/15 via phone call from Jim West on 5/30/15

Please keep the family of Jacqueline "Jackie" Wass (wife of Johnnie Wass, mother of Randy Durham) in your prayers as she passed away on Thursday, May 28. Friends may call on the family Monday, June 1, 2015 from 11am until 1pm at the Fellowship of Praise Church located at 8625 US 22 & 3, Clarksville, Ohio. Funeral services will be held at the church at 1pm.

Full obituary:

Added 5/6/15

From May 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our April Gathering.

Those on the Autism Spectrum, Dave & Dinah Bond, Rod Bryant, Debbie Duff, Financial Problems, Family of Carl Gilmore, Family of Lauren Hill, Brooke Hutchinson, Ivan Hutchinson-Leach, Becky Kersey, Justin Leach, Linda, Donna Oppenheimer, Patty Reynolds, Family & Friends of LeRoy Toppins (2yr old), Two Unspoken Requests, Kelly Wagner, Larry Williams, Heather Willis

OOPS!! Missed adding these from March 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our February Gathering. Thank God for the blessings received by the men on Walk #60 as well as the blessings received by those who served them!

Ronda Andrew’s father, Dave & Dinah Bond, Adam Corbolotti, Kim Ewing, John & Velma Flint, Joe Gibson, Al Hamann, Bobby Hudson, Marla Manns, Gene Powers, Cliff Purvis, Scott, Keith Sholler, Iris Wilkinson, Heather Willes & grandbaby, Polly Zoller

Added 4/1/15

From April 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our March Gathering.

Ronda Andrew’s father, Chris Blair, Jim Blair, Maggie Copley, Pat Sewell, Jeff Sheridan, Adell Shoe

Added March 9, 2015 -- From Janet Workman

Please keep Jim Blair (Men's Walk #23), his wife Chris, and his family in your prayers as he is undergoing quadruple bypass surgery at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, March 10. Also, Chris' sister has a terminal illness which is weighing on them heavily. Thank you for your prayers for both of these situations.

Added February 18, 2015

Please keep the family of Billy J. Cummings in your prayers as he went home to be with his Lord and Savior on Friday, February 13. Billy was a member of the Wilmington Emmaus Community and attended Men's Walk #47 in 2008.  Friends may call at Crossroads Christian Church, 175 Halliday Way, Washington C.H. on Wednesday, Feb. 18 from 4-8 p.m. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, at the Crossroads Christian Church.  The link to the full obituary is below.

Added 2/10/15, from WAE Facebook page

Is it possible for you to post this prayer request below to the page on Facebook or send it out through email to your community. If you can have them email me at that would be great!

Prayer Request: The Epiphany Ministry of Ohio will be going into Prison February 19-22 to the Ohio Reformatory for Women to serve 25 women. They will have 42 inside team members along with 17 angels (previous inmates who have served on a weekend). If you are willing to PRAY at ANY point throughout February 19-22 please LIKE my status so I can add your FIRST name to the Physical Prayer Chain! It will be held all around the room to show God's love for them!

God Bless, Gina Hunter

Added 2/4/15

From February 2015 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our January Gathering. Pray for the pilgrims who will be on Men’s Walk #60, pray that God will soften hearts of those who will be invited to this walk. Pray for the team members both live-in and others who will be serving during the weekend.

Dave & Dinah Bond; Joe Davidson; Don Gilbert’s Family; Oswald Johnson (100th birthday); Cliff Purvis; Iris Wilkinson

Added 2/4/15 via WE e-mail from TJ McClellan (1/19, 9:06 p.m.)

Prayers for Pastor Greg Roberts. God bless you -- TJ

Added 12/4/14

From December 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our November Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. Pray for the pilgrims who will be on Men’s Walk #60, pray that God will soften hearts of those who will be invited to this walk. *NOTE* These names taken from verbal requests. Please excuse us if we made a mistake.

David Barber, Ron & Liz Bogan, Nathan Cotrill, Farmers harvesting, Fire Service Men’s Group, John & Velman Flint, US Government, Donald Hahn, Family of David Hall, Lois Hall, Charlene Hamann, High School Youth at Wash. CH, Robert Jordan, Our Military, Phillip Pennewitt, Sandy Quigley, Bill Snowball IV, Kathy Snowball, 13 Death Row Men on recent Kairos, Janet Workman and her sister, Bob Yorick

Added 11/4/14 **updated 11/7

From November 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our October Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. Pray for the pilgrims who just completed the Women’s Walk. Pray for the pilgrims who will be on Men’s Walk #60, pray that God will soften hearts of those who will be invited to this walk.

David Barber, Dave & Dinah Bond, Karen Cann, Dianne Cole, AJ Dawson, Carl Dingus, Ray Eubanks, John Flint, John D. Godfrey, Ethel Mae Haines, David Hall **passed away 10/24, Lois Hall, Bob Kelsey, Beth Myers, Jeff Myers, Phillip Pennewitt, Monroe Powell, Sandy Quigley, Rev. Dewey Staas, Stephanie & Daniel Watts, Jim Wengert, Iris & Leslie Wilkinson

Added 10/1/14

From October 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our September Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. Pray for the pilgrims who just completed the Men’s Walk. Lift up the ladies coming on the October walk, as well as the team, both live-in team and the team who supports with agape, those who work in the kitchen and logistics. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Clay B., David Barber, Beth Ann, Brandy Cobb, Curtis Family, Darlene, Georgia, Dave & Sue Greene, Donald Ray Hahn IV, Robin K., Brenda Ott, Darlene Pitzer, George Quallins, Sara, Tonya Scott, Porky Sears, Sidney, Kellis Smith, Logan Smith, Chris Stanfield, Jenny Stryke,r Unspoken, Charlie W., Lynn & Derrick Wagner, John Waugh, Janet Workman

Added 9/8/14

From September 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our August Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. Pray for the pilgrims coming on the September Men’s Walk and all of those community members who will be providing meals and other services for the walk. Pray for the live-in team. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

David Barber, Bertha, Warren Briggs, Dave & Dinah Bond, Janece Curry, Evelyn Flinn, Joe Gibson, Government Leaders, Charlene Hamann, Henry Holbrook, Maria Holbrook, Ken Houghtaling, Teresa Kellis, Elizabeth Myers, Ryder Patrick, Sherry Pau,l Persecuted Christians in Middle East, Cliff Purvis, Ruffner Family, Ian Smith, (Unidentified) would like to become the man God wants him to be, Iris Wilkinson

Added 9/3/14, via WE e-mail from Melissa Moore Maines (8/30, 2:39 p.m.)

Please continue to pray for David and Melissa and their two children during continued serious legal issues.

9/2/14, via WE e-mail from Jim Spragg (9/2, 9:03 a.m.)

Prayer Request -- The Father of Robyn (Jim) Spragg, and Debbie (Randy) Riley, of the Wilmington Emmaus community.

Vaughn Curtis Reynolds, 94, of Wilmington, Ohio died 3:01 PM, Sunday, August 31, 2014 at Wilmington Nursing & Rehabilitation Residence. His wife, Doris Getz Reynolds, survives. They were married February 5, 1965. Mr. Reynolds was born August 15, 1920 on the family farm in Clinton County, Ohio, son of the late John P. and Mary Curtis Reynolds. He was a 1938 graduate of Wilmington High School. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Mr. Reynolds retired from Wilmington City Schools where he was a school bus driver for 30 years. He was also a lifelong farmer. He was a member of the New Antioch Church of Christ, the New Antioch and Clinton Grange, the New Antioch Cemetery Board, the Antique Power Club, the Clinton County Fair Board, and the Farm Bureau Advisory Council.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Reynolds is survived by two sons, John W. (Peggy) Reynolds of Mason, Ohio and Roger M. (Vickie) Reynolds of Wilmington, Ohio; three daughters, Robyn (Jim) Spragg of Wilmington, Ohio, Debbie (Randy) Riley of Wilmington, Ohio, and Elizabeth (Alton) Hadley of Sabina, Ohio; his brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Alan Getz of Hillsboro, Ohio, Ruth and John Arvai of Wilmington, Ohio, Linda and David Wilkin of Wilmington, Ohio, Daisy and Gene Allen of Collinsville, Illinois, and Reva and John Dehan of Overland Park, Kansas; 12 grandchildren, Brian (Jennifer) Simpson, Michael (Sara) Simpson, Jennifer Simpson, Jami (Rob) Farrington, Chris (Sarah) Reynolds, Cassidy (Nate) Rose, James Hadley, Willie Hadley, Josh (Becky) Riley, Thad (fiancée, Ashley Lakin) Camp, Justin Camp, and Jessica (Sean) Earley; 21 great grandchildren; and several nieces, nephews, and cousins. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Charles and Maxine Getz, Donald Getz, Nancy and Stanley Griffith, and Guylene Getz, and a grandson, Daniel B. Riley.

Funeral services will be 11:00 AM, Thursday, September 4, 2014 at the New Antioch Church of Christ, 1101 Antioch Road, Wilmington, Ohio with Sidney Clay and Mike Simpson officiating. Burial will be in New Antioch Cemetery. Friends may call from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at the New Antioch Church of Christ.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial contributions be made to the New Antioch Church of Christ, 1101 Antioch Road, Wilmington, Ohio 45177 or to a charity of the donor’s choice.

Added 8/13/14 -- via e-mail from Melissa Moore Maines (8-9-14)

Please continue praying for David and Melissa Maines for the restoration of their marriage and also for their children. Also Melissa is having surgery on August 13 and the recovery process is long. God has been so good and I am praying for continued strength. Thank you.

Added 8/5/14

From August 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our July Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Hazel Becraft, Dave & Dinah Bond, John Carnes, Tyler Carnes, Daniel Carter, Joshua Carter, Rachel Carter, Sally Chappell, David & Melissa, Britny Elam, Scott Elam, Matthew Gerey, Marianne Gilber,t Charlene Hamann, Darius Henthorn, Jeff, Kairos #29, Teresa Kellis, Zach King, Garry Kirk, Aaron Martin, Elizabeth Myers, Jeff Randolph, Duane Rice, Sara, Brittany Shoemaker, Bill Snowball (son of Bill), Kathy Snowball, Pastor Dillon Staas, Iris Wilkinson

Added 7/5/14

From July 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our June Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Cody Blocker, Dave Blocker, Dave & Dinah Bond, Barry Boone, Family of Jim Bowman, Burns Family, Leonard Butcher, Joyce Call, Family of Linda Clay, Philip Crawford, Barb Derrick, Chad Fornash, Martha Haddix, Ruth Henderson, Ron Keim, Jim Kocher, Janet L., Luke Lapine - Lapine & Jones Families - Tom & Shelby Lapine, Matt Magee, Ella Porter, Holly Requardt, Ken Shull, Pastor Dillon Staas, Unspoken, Greg Walls, WCC Haiti Team for 2015, Heather Whiting, Iris Wilkinson

Added 6/14/14 -- via e-mail from Maurice Mitchell (6-13-14)

I am sad to share that I received word yesterday that my nephew, Shaun Mitchell, 34, was found dead. An autopsy is being done to find a cause.

Added 6/11/14 -- via e-mail from Melissa Moore Maines, 6-10-14

Please be in prayer for my upcoming surgery. Haven't gotten a date yet, should be in a month or two.

Added 6/11/14

From June 2014 Newsletter: Prayer was requested for these people at our May Gathering. Please join us in intercession for return to health, overcoming adversities of life, recovery from loss. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Sue Brunacini; Dave & Dinah Bond; Children in Special Olympics; Ella Clarke; Kerry Dhakal; David Greene; Chuck Massie; Tim Miller; Ginger Pendell’s grandson, Mason; Cliff Purvis; Vicki Salsberry; David; Linda; Clara Sears; Pastor Dillon Staas; Randy Sullenberger; Thompson Family; Unspoken; and Heather Whiting

Added 6/3/14, via e-mail from Melissa Moore Maines (6-1-14)

Please pray for David and Melissa Maines, for healing, for restoration in their marriage, and for a halt to the divorce proceedings currently underway.

Added 5/30/14

Please keep the entire family of Maurice Mitchell in your prayers as Maurice's mother, Delpha Mitchell, passed away Wednesday, May 28. Friends may call from 4-7 p.m. Friday, May 30 at the Bope-Thomas Funeral Home in Somerset where services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, May 31. The obituary may be found at:

Added 5/9/14

Please keep the family of Doug Jackson of Sabina in your prayers. Doug died unexpectedly on Friday evening, May 2 and the funeral was this morning. He had been on teams in the past. You may read the obituary at:

Added 4/28/14

From May 2014 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the April Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Dave & Dinah Bond, Teri Kelley, Potential Pilgrims, Cliff Purvis, Unspoken

Added 4/24/14, via Wilmington Emmaus Facebook post (4-23-14, 5:00 p.m.)

Please pray for our neighboring community, GREATER SCIOTO VALLEY EMMAUS (Chillicothe).

Added 4/2/14

From April 2014 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the March Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Dave & Dinah Bond, Nancy Boyer, Sue Brunacini Carrie, Jim Cottie, Jacob Cragwell, Georgia, Laura & Anthony Hannah, Kathy Ingram’s family, Thelma Kaysen, Beverly Maines, Roger Maines, Jim McMonigle, Michelle, Tim Miller, Delpha Mitchell, Paula Mitchell, Scott Moore, My wife, National Day of Prayer in WCH, Becky Newman, Nikki & Alex, Paula, Praise for God’s Faithfulness, Luke Quigley, RJ Roush & Roush Family, Paul Shivers, Brad Smart, Kathy Snowball, Sue, TJ Turner family, Unspoken, Amanda VanDyke, Chester Wheeler, Randy & Amy Wellinghoff

UPDATE 3/14/14 p.m., via e-mail from Adam Holbrook

Good afternoon, I want to thank everyone for their prayers. My dad was admitted on Tuesday, and was thankfully released today. The doctor's say he is lucky to be alive, and there will be some necessary lifestyle changes. However, he is in good spirits, and there is no structural damage to the heart.   Adam

UPDATE 3/14/14 a.m., via e-mail from John Glaze

Adam's dad is supposed to go home today. They put a stent in the most clogged artery. The other 2 are 70% and they are going to do medicine for those. Also need to work on blood pressure and weight. So, great news! Praise God!

3/13/14, via e-mail (evening) from Josh Adkins/Mike Smith

Please be in prayer for Adam Holbrook and his family as his father was taken to the hospital with a massive heart attack. Thank you.

Added 3/3/14

From March 2014 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the February Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Dave & Dinah Bond, The Family of Kathy Bright, The Butcher Family, George & Marilyn Fenner, Family/Friends of Dr. Patrick Gentile, Kent Hamann & Family, Lorine Harner, Roger Maines, T J McClellan, Delpha Mitchell, Paula Mitchell, Scottie Moore, Cliff P., Family of Nancy Puckett, Sharon’s daughters, Pastor Dillon Staas, Chester Wheeler


Please keep George Fenner in your prayers as he is dealing with health issues and will be unable to be on the team for the February Men's Walk.

Added 2/6/14

From February 2014 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the January Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Sandy Buchner, Jennifer Burdick, Kathy Bright, Phillip Crawford, Matthew Grey. Jevin Hughes, Jasmine, Braydon Kretchek, David Lancaster, Ken Ludwick, Jackie Luther, Roger Maines, Ray Manns, T J McClellan, Robert McMullen, Scottie Moore, Pfeil Family, Ella Porter, Teresa Presley, Connie Reynolds, Robyn, Rick Ross, and Dale & Pam Shipman

Added 12/2/13

From December 2013 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the November Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Tammy Bogan, Dave Bond, Dinah Bond, Kathy Bright, Howard E., Braylon Elam, Stephanie Hamann, Jennifer King, Cliff Klutts, Devon Lansing, Roger Maines, Christy Mitchell, Becky Newman, Pastor Dylan, People in Wilmington desiring to be Christians, Ron, Dusty Smith, Marsha Tomlin, Betty Truma, Unspoken, Unspoken-Finding God’s plan for my future & direction, Greg Walls, Nick Youngman

From November 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the October Gathering.

Derrick Adkins, Austin, Jim Bailey, Lynne Barbiero, Rita Blankenship, Kathy Bright, Family losses, Gage, Janell, Jerry, Roger Maines, Christy Mitchell, Nailey, Luke Quigley, Terry Riedel, Dylan Starr, Norma Turner, Unspoken, Mark Wolfe

From October 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the September Gathering.

Dave & Dinah Bond, Kathy Bright, Stephanie Hamann, Debbie Hill, Family of Krista Koehl, Roger Maines, The Stykes Family, Teresa & Bonnie, John Waugh, Iris Wilkinson

From September 2013 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the August Gathering.

Tammy Bogart Family, Dave & Dinah Bond, Kathy Bright, Dor Francis & Family, Melanie Harper, Highland County House of Prayer, David Maines & Granddaughter, Roger Maines, Christy Mitchell, Nicki Reading, Tyler Reading, Jim Smalley, Iris Wilkinson & Family

From August 26, via WAE e-mail (Our sincerest apologies to Barbara and her family for neglecting to post this when requested.)

I would like to request prayer for Christy Bauer's husband, (Christy is my niece,) her husband's name is Chuck Bauer, he is in stage 4 of cancer, they have 4 children the oldest is a senior in high school the youngest is in 2ND grade. They live in Sioux Fall, SD. Christy and her family know that prayer works and so do I. Please keep them on your prayer list.
Thank you so much,
Barbara Storer,  Wilmington Walk to Emmaus #90 Table of Ruth

Added 11/14/13, via voicemail from Barb Little (11-8-13, 7:22 p.m.)

Please pray for Marsha Tomlin who is in Clinton County Memorial Hospital.

Added 8/4/13

From August 2013 Newsletter: The following names were raised in prayer at the July Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Becky Bean, Tammy Bogan, Dave & Dinah Bond, Judy Bracht, D’Ann Bragg, Kathy Bright, Family of Roy Collins, Fight for the Light Foundation, Rohna Fox, David Greene, Sue Greene, Dean Hall, Tyler Harner, Tony Harper, Brent Jones, Beverly Justice, Roger Maines, T.J. McClellan, Nicole, Cole Purtee, Purtee Family, Glynn Putnam Family, David & June Reynolds, Mark Sears, Jim Spires, Tracie Tidwell, Alex Tissandier, Jon & Mary Turner, Unspoken Request, Vickie, Pat Walt, Suzen Whitaker

Added 7/25/13, via WAE e-mail (7/21/13, 6:43 AM)

From Chelle Mahanes (Women's Walk #90):
The Mahanes family special need.

7/11/13, via WAE Facebook, 11:21 a.m.

Many of the "older" crowd will remember ROY COLLINS. He and wife Barb just had a pilgrim on the June Ladies' Walk. Roy went to his eternal home yesterday. Here is the link to the obituary where you can find visiting and service dates and times.

Added 7/11/13, via Facebook (WAE & Fayette County Sheriffs Office Pages, 7-10-13)

Joy Stanforth, one of our community spiritual directors, and her husband Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth were injured in an automobile accident Tuesday evening near Lodi, Ohio. They are currently at home recuperating after being treated and released from the Lodi Community Hospital. Information about the accident can be found on the Fayette County Sheriffs Office Facebook page. (See below.) Please keep Joy, Vernon, and the driver of the other vehicle in your prayers. 

“Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth and his wife Joy were involved in an injury traffic crash on Tuesday evening on Interstate 71 North near the Lodi exit, 40 miles south of the City of Cleveland. Sheriff Stanforth was driving his wife’s 2011 Jeep Compass and lost control during torrential rainfall as it went through the northern part of Ohio. As he retained control of the vehicle, he was struck from behind by another vehicle resulting in injuries to the Stanforths and the driver of the other vehicle. 

All three were transported from the scene by ambulance to the Lodi Community Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash. Sheriff Stanforth and his wife were later released. The crash remains under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The Stanforths were traveling to Cleveland Clinic to make a pastoral visit with a Fayette County family. Sheriff Stanforth’s wife is the pastor of the Waterloo Church located in northern Fayette County.

While home recuperating, the Sheriff extends his appreciation to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Medina County Sheriff’s Office, the Lodi Community Hospital staff, and the numerous first responders to the crash scene.”

Added 7/8/13, via e-mail from Maurice Mitchell (7-7-13, 2:51 p.m.)

Please pray for Debbie's family.  Her cousin's son, Glynn Putman, age 21, died Friday in a motorcycle accident.  I have been asked to conduct the service.  It is on Tuesday morning.

Added 7/2/13

From July 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the June Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Austin Bailey, Kathy Bright, Dinah & Dave Bond, Depression Sufferers, Josh & Misty Dixon, GSV Emmaus, Irene Means, Darlene Partin, Praise for Healing, Britney Scott, Sonya, Hahna Tissandier, Jon & Mary Turner, John & Linda Waugh, Bob & Jeane Wood

Added 6/5/13

From June 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the May Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Harley Barney, Dave & Dinah Bond, Kathy Bright, Madison Chambers, Maxine Gatton, Nancy Graves, Stephanie Hamann, Dianna McMullin, Saeed (Abedini, an American Christian pastor held captive in Iran), A J Paris Smith, Lydia Tissandier, John Wass Family, Lucas Workman

UPDATE 6/5/13, via Jim West e-mail (8:27 AM) as shared from Jerry McWhorter (6/4)

This is a two part msg - Jerry

Phil had his surgery this afternoon 28 May. The doctor says he's quite sure he got all of the cancer. It was a mass a bit bigger than a golf ball. He doesn't think it invaded the bladder wall but only pathology tests will show for sure. He thinks Phil will be as good as new in a few days. He has a follow-up next Monday. He is resting now and sleeping off the drugs!
Thanks for all your prayers! God is Gracious.
In Him,


Went to the doctor this morning to get "the news."  It was mostly good in that I am in a controllable situation.  The tumor was cancer and it was an aggressive form of cancer BUT he apparently got all of it in the surgery and there has been no invasion of the bladder wall.  I now have to let the bladder heal and will continue to do that until our return from Slovenia and then I start what would be referred to as chemo treatments but it is actually a weakened bacteria solution that is injected into the bladder, held for a couple of hours and then released, treated, and flushed. Yes, you read correctly, the discharge has to be treated before it is flushed into the ecosystem.  (2 cups of bleach and sit for 15 minutes)  I have to do that once a week for six weeks and then 5 more times over the next 24 months.  During the course of this he will scope me again to make sure nothing has started growing back.
So, at least for now, I have dodged a bullet but will sustain a few scrapes and bruises will hiding from the fire.
When he gave me the news, I said praise the Lord, and he said "yes."  I am riding high right now, both from the report and also from them taking the catheter out   Again PTL!
Oh, the first treatment will be July 18.
Thanks for all your prayers and for caring.

Added 5/28/13, via Jim West e-mail (5/25/13, 12:59 PM) as shared from Jerry McWhorter

Messages from Phil Brewer:
Last Thursday I had an examination by my Urologist here is Idaho and he is 98% sure that I have cancer of the bladder. I will have surgery on May 28th with a follow-up visit on June 4 for pathology results and treatment recommendations. What I have been able to determine so far is that if this is a typical case, it will be beatable.
I would like to be in yours and others prayers with the main focus being that wherever this leads, I will keep my faith. Healing would also be nice but I do not want to lose my faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
I will keep you informed as this scenario develops.


An update on the above mesg

Hi all,
I had my pre-op exam and at the end of it Yvonne asked the doctor if we should cancel our trip to Slovenia.  His reply was "no" and then he went on to give us the impression that he thinks he can get all of the cancer with the surgery.  While he made sure we understood he could not guarantee that, at least, it was a positive signal that I was more than willing to grasp on to.
I have receive some real encouragement from the folks I have written to and from the scripture verses some of them sent to me. 
I confess to all of you that I have not done much to promote the kingdom lately and I am getting that inner feeling that God is giving me a wake up call.  Therefore, I am praying for His guidance for the road I am to walk.  Please pray with me.
Thanks and

Added 5/4/13

From May 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the April Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Rod Bryant, Kathy Bright, Family of Eli Yovich, Dave Bond, Dinah Bond, Don Hamilton, Sheila & Mike Murphy, Christy Mitchell, Pamela Black, Jeanne Townsend, Emily Holbrook, Johnny Hardin, Marian Hardin Family, Donald Ray Hahn IV, Iris Wilkinson, Tony & Tracy Harper, Shannon Dunn, Clara Sears, Jackie & Hunter, Gretchen Jett, Jean Ann Cloud, Vickie Pryor, Ryan Clark, Ed & Lynn Lababit. Craig Hamilton, Susan Barber, Elsie Everetts

Added 4/4/13 - Posted 4/3/13, 6:49 p.m. on WAE Facebook page

I am sorry to report the passing of ELI YOVICH today. Eli was on Men's Walk #15, Table of John. You can read the obituary here: andadd a note of sympathy if you would like.

Added 4/4/13, via Mary Brose e-mails

Once again I am calling on all my brother and sister’s in Christ to pray for my niece Dottie Perazzo. She was diagnosed March 15 with Stage 3 breast cancer and is starting radiation treatments this week, followed by chemo.  Please prayer for Dottie for complete healing. I personally witnessed the power of prayer last year when I too asked for prayer for my husband, Dennis and received a miracle. I strongly believe in this community of believers and the power of prayer, and once again am asking, that we come together as one accord for Dottie.

Love Mary Brose

Added 4/4/13

From April 2013 Newsletter:
The following names were raised in prayer at the March Gathering. Please continue to pray for the needs of these folks. (Please excuse any misspellings.)

Kathy Bright, Eli Yovich, Linda Price, Dave Danford & family, Dave Bond, Dinah Bond, Cathy Williams, Ron Rutherford, Wendy Chambliss, Jared Ellis, Joy Pence, Baby Lilly, Winson Wagoner, Donald Webb, Bonnie, Shannon Dunn & child, Grandchildren, Nancy Graves, Mark, Don Hamilton, Sheila Murphy, and Christy Mitchell

Added 4/4/13 - Posted 3/25/13, 8:05 a.m. on WAE Facebook page

FROM: Bud Marsh
Becky is finally home. Praise the Lord! She is feeling great. Needs to improve on her eating and drinking though. It will be so nice to sleep in our own bed after three weeks. Will go back Friday for her first follow-up appointment. Thanks everyone for the cards and prayers. God Bless

Obituary Information for V. Leroy Hammond:

Posted 2/4/13, 3:31 p.m. on WAE Facebook page

Barb Little's father, V. Leroy Hammond, passed away this morning. Please keep Barb & family in your prayers. Obituary information will be added when available.

Added 2/2/13, via e-mail from Chuck Tabor (1/30/12, 7:59 p.m.)

Monica (Rayburn; see 1/23/12) had been responding and improving steadily until tonight. Luke called to say that today she has not been responding to the antibiotics and the doctors have performed an MRI, and have determined that there were some small strokes. Luke is on his way back to the hospital as I type this email. Please continue to pray for this family!

Added 1/29/12, via e-mail from Jim West (1-25-13, 8:17 a.m.)

From Karen Morgan (1/23/2013, 11:48 a.m.)
You may have already received the news about Vangie Hughes, wife of Gary Hughes,  Gary is our pastor.  He is  recently retired  but wanted to continue to be active in a small church.  He also participated as a SD in the Wilmington Emmaus Community.  Anyway, Vangie passed away Monday evening.  She had several health problems (fibromyalgia, autoimmune syndrome, extreme fatigue syndrome, diabetic) to name a few.  She had been in the hospital the last couple of weeks for imbalance of potassium etc. Last Friday they did emergency surgery for perforated bowel, and then was taken back in for septic syndrome.  Then on Monday around 8:00 pm she passed away.  As I stated above someone may have already alerted Barb or  another member of the community.  Vangie loved everyone and did not know a stranger.  She was a beautiful witness for the Lord and will be greatly missed.

Karen Morgan

1/23/12 via e-mail (sent 11:03 a.m.)

From Chuck Tabor:
Monica Rayburn, wife of Luke Rayburn, this morning is in the ICU at Christ Hospital with what Luke described as Bacterial meningitis, with significant brain swelling. Luke called to ask for payer on the part of the entire Emmaus Community.

Please pray, and pass this along to anyone else!


UPDATE 11/12/12 4:00 p.m.

Info for services for Merlin "Pete" Little --  go to

11/12/12 via e-mail (sent 8:28 a.m.)

Emmaus Community,

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I send this "E" mail. I just received a call from the family of Pete Little that Pete went to be with our Lord during his sleep last night. Arrangements to follow when available. Please keep Barb and the family in your prayers.  

Jim West 

Added 10/21/12, via WAE e-mail (10-19-12, 9:42 p.m.)

From Debbie Mitchell:
Anyone who would like to pray for my parents it would be greatly appreciated.  A few years ago my mother, Iris Wilkinson, had colon cancer and beat that, then had a major heart attack that blew apart the main valve in her heart.  She had emergency open heart surgery and they replaced that valve.  She is now doing fine, except she has neuropathy in her feet from all the medication she took during these illnesses.  She doesn't walk very far without holding onto someone's arm, and she has difficulty doing stairs.  She also doesn't like to drive very far either.  She is 77 years old.  My dad, Lasley Wilkinson, had hip replacement surgery in February.  He had complications and had to spend extra time in the nursing home where he had gone for physcial therapy.  He is now home and only uses a cane to walk when he is outside, because as he says, "The ground isn't always level."  Dad is 85 years old and he doesn't like to drive very far either.  My 2 youngest sisters take care of them for the most part, but they have used up all their vacation time and can't take any more time off to take them to doctor's appointments.  My brother and my other sister, also have difficulty fitting things into their busy schedules.  Since I am no longer working I try to go to Findlay to help them out whenever I can.  We ALL appreciate prayers for our parents.

God bless,

10/11/12 via WAE e-mail (sent 7:16 a.m.)

From Vanessa Rice:
Please continue to pray for healing for me. I am now undergoing chemotherapy for my breast cancer followed by a long round of radiation. God is so good. And your prayers are appreciated.

(For additional info, scroll down to the 7/17/12 Prayer Request.)

Posted 10/1/12, 3:36 p.m. -- WAE Facebook page

Margaret McMonigle passed away this morning. Here is the update from Emily:
My wonderful Momo went to be with the Lord at 1046 this morning. Very peacefully and gracefully she left this world to be with so many wonderful people that have passed before. I know that she is dancing and laughing with Popo, Uncle Jeffy, Dakota, Delaney and our little ones that didn't quite make it to earth. I will miss you dearly but know that you are singing praises in Heaven and so much happier. Thank you all for your prayers. Pray that all of our family make the trip home and that we may be comforted by one another. Visitation is Friday 5-8pm at Turner Funeral Home in Hillsboro. Service Saturday at 10am at Hillsboro Church of Christ.
(This is Cindy Bloom's mom. Not sure what walk she was on.)


UPDATE 1:35 p.m. via WAE e-mail

From Darla J. Louderback:
Please lift the family of Margaret McMonigle in prayer in her passing this morning.  She is the mother of Cindy Bloom and grandmother of Emily Jackson.  A family whose witness passed from mother to daughter and granddaughter is a blessing to many.

(Added 10-2) Posted 10/1/12, 8:16 p.m. -- WAE Facebook page

From Emily Bloom Jackson:
Please continue to pray for my Momo (Margaret McMonigle). She is so tired and ready to meet the Father. Please pray that she may rest peacefully and that God will come soon to lead her to the Heavenly gates! She is the best Grandmother I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being a Godly woman and my best friend. (Margaret is Cindy Bloom's mom. Please keep all the family in your prayers.)

(Added 10-2) Posted 10/1/12, 2:22 p.m. --
WAE Facebook page

From Sandy McDonald Tissandier:

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow as i go for a ct scan. They found a mass on my liver.

Posted 8/28/12, 2:03 p.m. -- WAE Facebook page

From Lorine Harner-Jarrell:
Arrangements for my father are as follows: Visitation will be from 5-8p.m. on Friday at Smith and Son's in New Vienna. The funeral will begin at 2p.m. on Saturday at Fairview Friends Church in New Vienna. Thank you for all of your prayers. We are blessed to have you all in our lives.

(Update added 8/27) Posted 8/24/12, 11:53 a.m. -- WAE Facebook page

Prayers requested for Sherry & Darla Louderback. Their dad passed away today.

Posted 8/27/12, 9:49 a.m. -- WAE Facebook page

John Harner passed away about 1/2 hr ago. Please keep Jennie, Michelle, Lorine, Nancy, Sam & Dave and families in your prayers. Will update on service arrangements when available.

Posted 8/27/12, 8:03 a.m. --
WAE Facebook page

From Lorine Harner-Jarrell: Update on John Harner
"We are just waiting now. Dad is on a ventilator right now and we are just waiting. They are doing a dialysis treatment to him at this time. It is only a matter of time before he joins Gods choir. Prayers for peace and comfort are appreciated right now. Mom is a mess... this is the worst day ever."
Prayer for the Harner Family, please!

(Update added 8/27) Posted
8/26/12, 7:15 p.m. -- From Jennie Harner, WAE Facebook page

Update on John: he was moved to a regular bed earlier in the week, then later in the week placed in the cardiac step down unit to get ultra filtration (when they remove fluid from the blood, similar to dialysis). Yesterday he was moved back to MICU because his potassium was dangerously high, his blood pressure was falling again, and he couldn't keep his oxygen levels up. Today when I spoke with the nurse his potassium had come down and his oxygen levels were staying up but the blood pressure is still giving them trouble. For now they are keeping the BP up with fluids but if it won't stay up he will have to go back on the medication drip to keep it up. Testing on the liver is on hold for now until these other issues are resolved. The kidneys are still not functioning as they should be. I will update again as I can, prayers are always appreciated for John and the family during this.

(Update added 8/27)
Posted 8/24/12, 11:56 a.m. -- From Jennie Harner, WAE Facebook page

John has been moved from his medical bed floor to the cardio step down unit in the Critical Care Pavillion. The cardio team suggested that they try a procedure called ultrafiltration. They inserted a catheter with two ports into his clavicular area. This pulls the blood from him, runs it through a filter which miraculously separates the fluid from the blood. The fluid goes into one container while the blood is returned throught the second port. Yesterday, it had been running about 18 hours, and they had recovered about four liters of fluid; added to the three liters that was drawn Monday and the four liters drawn when he was admitted to MICU on the 14th, one can understand why his body was so swollen. He is under constant care of nurses and doctors, so I understand why he is in a step down unit. University is extremely large, and he sometimes feels it is a "hurry up and wait" game, but their "toys" and things in their "bag of tricks" seems to be endless. That is why Whitney suggested that he be taken there rather than someplace closer to home, and it was definately the right decision. The only complication has been bleeding at the site of the catheter, but they need to keep a heparin drip going so there will be nothing to clog the filters. Other than the messiness that site, and the nurses change it as necessary, everything looks pretty normal. The doctor told me yesterday afternoon they were hoping to get a total of ten liters from him during this procedure--wow five soda pop bottles! Other than that, he would enjoy seeing visitors, so if you happen to be in the university area, stop by. Maurice Mitchell, Norma Turner, and Larry Martin have been there this week, and they both really perked him up. Of course family members are there everyday. Thanks for all the prayers and cards! Of course, if Whitney posts something, pay attention to what she says because I just do not know and understand all the medical jargon I am hearing!

(Update added 8/27)
Posted 8/20/12, 7:32 p.m. -- WAE Facebook page

Update on John Harner - was due to have a heart cath today to determine if his heart was strong enough for a liver transplant. 
Update from Lorine Harner-Jarrell: So, dad did not get to have his heart cath today. Not sure why, David was not sure. He did have a peracytisis done to drain more fluid from his abdomen. They got his breakfast ordered for tomorrow. Hopefully we will know more later! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, we will continue to let God lead the way!

(Update added 8/20) Posted
8/17/12, 9:47 a.m. -- From Jennie Harner, WAE Facebook page

It was a very busy day for John. The liver team came in, and we really liked the group. They were very open with us, but we will not know much until tests are evaluated; hopefully tomorrow. An ultrasound of his abdomen and an echo cardiogram were performed this afternoon, so they are really starting to put things together. He was being rather "testy" with the nurse since he thought the breakfast was awful--and it looked pretty poor, but she kept him in line while keeping him laughing at her at the same time she was putting him back! Great medicine for him! He became more argumentive as the day progressed, so let's hope he is feeling better. Now if we can get the blood pressure where it needs to be and get the ammonia under control, maybe things will get better. He had lots of company, mostly family, but that was fine. Lorine, Sam, Whitney, Nancy, Jeremiah, Mac Fife, David Fife, Ryan Myers, Isabelle Donahay, and me! When leaving, Lorine and I watched a helcoptor leaving the hospital; there is just something intrigueing about watching them land and take off! So good to have them for transport, but sad knowing that something serious has happened. We heard at least six today, but I guess they land right above the Critical Care Pavillion where John is located. We appreicate all the prayers and kind thoughts that are being conveyed to us! Thank you my friends!

(Update added 8/27)
Posted 8/15/12, 8:41 a.m. -- From Jennie Harner, WAE Facebook page

My husband, John, spent the last two days in the ICU at CMH, but was in need of a liver specialist as he has been diagnosed with cirrhosis. He was transferred to University, (the big one by UC campus, Children's, etc); 234 Goodman Street, MICU bed 5, Cincinnati, OH. There was a team of doctors starting to work with him within an hour of us getting there. This evening they were going to pull the fluid off his abdomen to make him more comfortable and allow other organs to work properly, and I am presuming he will be seeing a specialist tomorrow. He is not feeling well at all; prayers, if you are inclined, will be appreciated.
Please keep John in your prayers, along with others mentioned at the Gathering last night.

(Update added 8/27)
Posted 8/14/12, 4:59 p.m. WAE Facebook page

Continue surrounding John Harner's family with your prayers. He has been transferred to Cincinnati.

(Update added 8/27) Posted 8/13/12, 2:59 p.m. WAE Facebook page

Please pray for JOHN HARNER (Jennie's husband). He was taken to hospital last evening.

Posted 8/3/12, 8:27 a.m. --
From Jennie Harner, WAE Facebook page

John is very weak and has lost most of his appetite, but we are hoping the CT scan scheduled Monday and the upcoming blood work will reveal what is going on. We will probably not have the results until the following week, and the waiting is the hardest. There is so much power in the Emmaus family, and I certainly appreciate all your prayers and kind thoughts!

7/17/12, late afternoon --

Hello ~

Vanessa Rice needs our prayers desperately!!  She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has had recent surgery.  She will be undergoing more surgery as soon as her strength is built back up. 

She was an Assistant Table Leader on Walk #86.

If you could please add her to your church's prayer circle, it would be much appreciated!!!  And she would enjoy a note of cheer sent to her by either email or to her home address 4269 Pansy Road, Clarksville, OH 45113.  I am confident she would love to hear from you!  Especially the Emmaus Community!!

THANKS in advance!!

Blessings to you!!
Jean Ann Cloud

3/14/12 early a.m.--From Mary Brose

My husband Dennis is in the hospital with multiply blood clots in his lungs (1 large one in his right lung and many in his left lung) this is resulting from a foot surgery he had approximately 3 weeks ago.   We were told Monday he is lucky to be alive, actually the ER doctor said he should have died because a large clot has already past through his heart– please pray for him that God will dissolve them and no damage is done to his lungs or heart, and pray for me that I will have the knowledge, discernment for the right direction to go in,  move him to a different hospital (he’s in Brown County Hospital right now ) and find a good doctor who has the knowledge to handle this situation. 

 2/29/2012--From Randy Riley

Porky Sears has broken her arm. Keep our dear friend, Porky, in your prayers.

December 30, 2011 -- From Jim West 

This is to inform you of the passing of Denise Gregory's mother, Lorraine H. McCoy.
The visitation will be Monday 5 PM To 8 PM 
At the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home

185 N Main St

Waynesville, OH 45068
Funeral is Tuesday @ 10 AM from the Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home.
Burial at New Burlington Cemetery
Your Prayers for Denise and the family will be greatly appreciated.

November 15, 2011

From Maurice Mitchell

Please keep Kenni Jo & Greg Scott and family in your prayers as Kenni Jo's mother, Cheryl Campbell, passed away on Monday, November 14. See obituary below for arrangements.
Cheryl (Shorten) Campbell, 60 years of West Union, passed away Monday, November 14, 2011 at her residence.

She was born in Milan, Indiana on October 10, 1951 the daughter of the late Edward K. Shorten.

Besides her father she was preceded in death by one sister; Pamela K. Shorten.

She is survived by her mother Samantha (Gray) Wolfe of Morrow, Ohio, her husband of 29 years; Bobby L. Campbell of West Union, three daughters and sons-in-law; Kenni Jo and Greg Scott of Hillsboro, Rhonda and Shawn Grooms of West Union, and Yolanda Crowe of Mt. Orab, one brother and sister-in-law; Russell and Suzy Shorten of Florida, four sisters and brothers-in-law; Debby and Bob Hostetter of Morrow, Connie and Mike Thomas of Cincinnati, Margie and Paul Feuston of Florida, and Peggy and Jack Meyers of Florida, six grandchildren; Colt, Caleb, Cory, Chelsie Scott, Morgan, and Levi Huffman, one step granddaughter; Summer and Todd Jarvis of West Union, three step great grandchildren; Dakota, Philip, & Gavin Jarvis, and many nieces, nephews, and friends.

Funeral services will be held on Friday, November 18, 2011 at 11:00 A.M. at the Wallace-Thompson Funeral Home, Lewis-Sullivan Chapel in Seaman with Rev. Wayne Edingfield officiating. Burial will follow in Freeland Hollow Baptist Cemetery. Friends may call on Thursday from 6:00 till 8:00 P.M. at the Wallace-Thompson Funeral Home, Lewis-Sullivan Chapel in Seaman.

Memorials may be made to Hospice of Hope, 215 Hughes Blvd. Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154.

**UPDATES FROM 10/17 & 10/18/11 ADDED**
Posted On Wilmington Emmaus Facebook page 10/16/2011
Please pray for TONY HARPER from the Sept. Men's Walk #53- has a blood clot beginning to move toward the lungs. Last info was that they were transporting him to hospital in Columbus.
**10/17/11 -- He is at OSU hospital. Clot is moving toward the lung, they are waiting for results from some tests. Thanks!

**10/18/11 -- (early morning update) Tony has a transplanted liver and the great news is that this hasn't affected it at all. His extreme pain has been from a flare-up of crohn's. The meds and not having anything to eat for two days has allowed it to begin to heal. Still battling the blood clot and he will be in hospital until that is taken care of. Tony & Herma (his ma) thank all of you for your prayers and concern. KEEP PRAYING! (from Joy Stanforth)

Afternoon update: Tony's pain is as bad as it was on Sunday. Keep the prayers coming, please!

October 5 2011

Please pray for my friend, Debbie Staeling, who is hospitalized with a life threatening infection.
Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Patty Williams
Walk #28
Table of Elizabeth

July 6 2011

From Jerry Quigley

My mom passed away this morning. Visitation is Friday July 8 5 pm to 8 pm. The funeral is Saturday July 9 at 10 am. Her name was Shirley Mae Rhoads Quigley she was a member off the Emmaus Community.


March 27, 2011

From Chuck Tabor:

Joy Stanforth’s mother went to be with the Lord yesterday, Saturday, March 26. Let’s be in prayer for Joy and Vernon and their entire family.

March 26, 2011

From Dan Hill:

Please help to pray for the Kairos Torch #1 at Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility April 1-3, 2011.  Only a few slots left and two weeks before the beginning of a shower of blessings for those chosen few participants, team members, staff and youth. GetVigil.phtml?pvid=5596& commid=1725
Click on the link above; and
Thanks for praying for the young men, team and staff attending the first weekend for boys at Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility.  Please check out the Kairos Torch activities on the Ohio Kairos web site at - KTorch.html

May the Lord bless you.  Jesus loves you and so does our Kairos Torch ministry team  - 'I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.'  (Matt. 25:36)

July 15, 2010

From Maurice Mitchell, Thurs A.M -- Adam Tissandier cut his knee with a chain saw and is on his way to Clinton Memorial Hospital. That is all the info we have at this time. Please keep Adam in your prayers.


Emmaus family,
Adam is OK.  The chain saw won, but it was minor...  The blade went through the skin and fat at his kneecap, but no tendon or bones were cut.  He received about a dozen stitches.  Keep praying that he learns to be more careful!!!
Maurice Mitchell

June 11, 2010

(recd on June 10, p.m. -- original prayer request regarding situation posted March 4)

Eileen Cline is beginning a stronger chemo pill this week and is battling some side effects. Prayers to fight the brain tumor are working! We praise God for his encouragement and renewed strength.

June 8, 2010

Please pray for TMC and JMC. They have been together for 2 and half years and are currently involved in a misunderstanding and desperately need reconciliation. Thank you so much.

(Prayer request was edited by webservants before posting.)

Chuck Tabor's Facebook post on Apr 22 at approximately 5:00 p.m. -- Just a quick update! We do praise God for finding Tiffany safe, and continue to pray for her return to us! Words cannot express our gratitude for all the prayers, the volunteers and the help in every way that has brought us to this place. Now all we can ask is for continued prayer for the rough road ahead! God is good!

April 22, 2010 UPDATE:
TIFFANY TEHAN FOUND SAFE. Please continue to pray for the family in the days ahead.

Information concerning this situation can be obtained by going to any of the Dayton news media websites or "Dayton Daily News".

April 20, 2010 UPDATE:

Chuck Tabor's Facebook post on Apr 20 at approximately 9:30 a.m.
  "I just want to thank everyone for your wonderful expressions of prayer and support for our daughter Tiffany. I wish I had more news of any kind, but right now, all I can ask is for you to keep on praying! She is still missing and we are still looking for her! Thanks again!"

April 18, 2010
From Facebook Posts 4/18 -- Asking for prayer for Chuck Tabor's youngest daughter. She has been missing since 10 am yesterday. Went shopping and has not returned. She is 31 years old and the mother of The Tabors' youngest grandchild. Please pray for her safe return.

March 4, 2010

Eileen Cline (Wash CH) became suddenly ill on Monday and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is at James Cancer Hospital - OSU and will be having a craniotomy on Thursday at 2:30 pm. A chest/pelvis CT scan was done Tuesday night and there are no more tumors. She is very tired, but has not regressed and her summer vacation started Monday ... she will not be returning to school this year. Eileen is a teacher at the Miami Trace Middle School. She was very active in the Faith In Flight Chrysalis community (Wash CH) -- team member/lay director, Board member, liaison between Wilmington Emmaus and FIF, and FIF Community Chairperson. Please keep Eileen and her family in your prayers..

January 29, 2010 

I'd like prayers for my sister in Christ, Jill Shank. She is undergoing aggressive cancer treatments at Jewish Hospital. She has 3 more to go over a period of 3 to 4 months. 

Thank you.
Patty Williams
Walk #28 Table of Elizabeth

November 2, 2009

Gib (Gilbert Whiteside) has gone into the dementia unit full time and is not adjusting well. Gib was on the Wilmington Men’s Walk to Emmaus #23. Gib has been in Carriage Court (in Washington CH) since September 10 and still is not adjusting. I am not adjusting to not having him around and with his anger at being there instead of being able to come home. 

Karen (Whiteside)

September 23, 2009

Please pray for a dear friend of mine, who fell and broke her neck. She is currently at Drake hospital and is paralyzed. Her name is Holly. Please keep her and her family in prayer.

Patty Williams
Wilmington Area Women's Walk to Emmaus #28
Table of Elizabeth

September 4, 2009 

Men's team member Danny Morgan had an accident Wednesday, falling off a ladder. He must have done some serious damage to his arms and legs.  He had to be transferred form a hospital in Hillsboro to one in Chillicothe

He broke both elbows, and they plan to replace both of them.  They are waiting for the second elbow to arrive.  It did not come Thursday, so they are planning surgery tomorrow  (Friday) if the second one arrives. 
He is in good spirits, and not in too much pain

He won't stay in the hospital very long, so I would suggest that you use his home address as the return address.  He'll get your note/card faster.

714 Scott    Troy  OH   45373  

And - since he and Kim are unemployed, they have no insurance. 

We need to lift Danny and his family up in our prayers.

Maurice Mitchell

July 7, 2009

This isn't your typical prayer request.  I met Vivian Tope when I was an assistant Table Leader one year and I just loved her to pieces immediately.  She reminded me alot of my very own Great Grandmother that had passed away. 

  Vivian will be turning 90 on July 20th.  Her Daughter won't be here to share that birthday with her because she will be going on a Mission Trip type of thing, but Linda is requesting a Card Shower to help Vivian celebrate her 90th Birthday!  Would you all please put the word out that Vivian LOVES LOVES LOVES cards and they can send her a birthday card  at the address enclosed at the bottom of this email.

  Thank you and God Bless, 

          Kristi Watson


Vivian Tope

11969 Underground Rd.     (For Vivian's 90th Birthday)

Leesburg Ohio 45135        

July 7, 2009

From Ryan, Michelle, and Alex Myers

Please keep Kerry Jean (KJ) Friend, daughter of community member Nelda Friend and sister in law of Heidi Friend in your prayers and consider becoming part of the bone marrow registry.

KJ works as a youth director for a friends meeting in North Carolina as well as aerobics instructor. It was while she was teaching these classes at the gym that she noticed these bruises on her arms. She could not explain how she got them or why they seemed to be getting worse. KJ consulted with a retired physician in her congregation. The physician called her back right away with a doctor and appointment time for KJ. She received word Monday after Easter that she needed to get to the hospital immediately, the results from her blood work could not confirm nor rule out leukemia. KJ had a bone marrow biopsy done to rule out leukemia only to be diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is quite serious and fatal if not successfully treated. Doctors had hoped to do a sibling match bone marrow transplant because success rates were much higher than other treatments. Russ and Raymond matched each other but not KJ. We were told a non sibling match bone marrow transplant was too risky and would not be considered at that time. KJ is in the 8th week of a 3 month treatment (ATG) with little results. They are now looking at a non sibling match bone marrow transplant. KJ is living off blood transfusions right now as her marrow is making little to none of her own blood cells (reds, whites, or platelets). A bone marrow drive was held in North Carolina and one is taking place in Leesburg @ the firehouse after church on Sunday July 19th.  Pork BBQ lunch is being provided with a suggested donation of $25 to cover the cost of analyzing the mouth swabs of potential donors. It has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions since Easter! Pleases keep KJ and her family in your prayers!

June 15 2009

From Randy Riley

Keep Clara (Porky) Sears in our prayers. She’s fighting a bronchitis infection (MRSA) that is particularly hard to treat.  

May 26 2009  

Ron Dowler came home Tuesday 5/19....He is doing  pretty well....He will be undergoing speech therapy.

Please remember Ron And Elllie in your prayers.

May 16 2009

From Jim Blair    

Just wanted to let everyone know that Ron Dowler suffered a stroke yesterday.  The damage seems to be to his brain...Physically he doesn't seem to have suffered damage, but the CAT scan showed damage to his brain.  The Dr said he may regain what is lost or he  may not.  They are doing more testing this weekend to try to find the cause.  He is alert but wasn't able to articulate what he wanted  to say.  For example he didn't know his name, birth date, or even  where he was at.  In case anyone would like to see him he is at   Mt Carmel West.  I don't know the room # as yet as he hadn't been   moved from the Emergency Room.  I know he would enjoy seeing   anyone who could visit.  I'll update you all if I hear anything else.


From David Pinney

Prayer Request for Timothy Pinney, USMC IRAQ
Timothy Pinney is the son of Pamela and David Pinney of Hillsboro, Ohio.  The Pinneys are relative newcomers to the Hillsboro area, but experienced the Walk to Emaus many years ago in Virginia.  Timothy's grandmother, Gladys Pinney, experienced her Emaus walk in Wilmington, Ohio, more than 25 years ago, before Timothy was born.  We believe her sponsor was Gaylord Meyers.


From Randy and Pat 

Robin Leigh Davenport, age 46, of Lynchburg, died Monday, December 8, 2008 at Bethesda North Hospital.  She was born October 4, 1962, in Beavercreek, the daughter of the late Ron Burk and Ruthanne (Steineke) Burk of Bradenton, Florida.  She was a member of the Pleasant Grove Church of God in Blanchester, and was a May 2004 graduate of Franklin University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Administration.  She was the Treasurer for Williamsburg Local Schools.  On March 18, 1978, in Lynchburg, she married her husband of thirty years, Michael Davenport, who survives.    In addition to her mother and husband, she is also survived by two sons, David and his wife Jessica Davenport of Milford, Daniel Davenport of Lynchburg, two grandchildren, Tyler Jordan Davenport and Kayla Nicole Davenport, two brothers, Ron (Carol) Burk, Jr. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Rod Burk of Bradenton, her father-in-law and mother-in-law, Richard and Dorothy Davenport of Lynchburg, as well as several nieces and nephews.  Funeral services will be 12:00 noon Saturday, December 13, 2008 at the Davis-Turner Funeral Home in Lynchburg.  Pastor Calvin Martin will officiate.  Burial will follow in the Troutwine Cemetery.  Friends may call from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. Friday, December 12, 2008 at the Davis-Turner Funeral Home in Lynchburg.


From Pat Meranda

Robin Davenport was killed in an accident today.  Robin was part of the team Women's Walk #81.  Her husband Mike is in critical condition at UC, please keep the family in our prayers.

From Randy Riley

Mike and Robyn Davenport were in a car crash early this morning. Mike is in ICU at UC and Robyn (God Bless Her) did not survive. Tomorrow will be a sad gathering. Mike was on the September team and Robyn was on the October team. Keep them in your prayers.


Please keep Rachel Avery in your prayers (she is the daughter of Andy and Nicole Avery).  She has been under going testing and the doctors think she may have cancer.  Rachel is 10 years old.  They are awaiting the test results on Monday 10-20-08.  Please keep Rachel in your prayers.

Bob and Jennifer Brown


It is with very heavy hearts but always with the knowledge and the faith that God is always with us through difficult times as well as good times that we let you know that our dear friend Tom Rankin will be returning home today in the care of Hospice. Please remember Tom and Marlene in your prayers. 

 Tom and Margaret (Maggi) Horst


Update on Tom Rankin…..  Please keep Tom and Marlene Rankin in your daily prayers.  Tom was diagnosed this past July with leukemia.  He has been an inpatient at The James Cancer Center from July 21st  until September 18th.  He has had 2 extensive and caustic rounds of chemotherapy before they sent him home.  Tom and Marlene have been returning to The James Cancer Center almost every other day for blood and platelets and any additional tests that were needed.  Yesterday he returned for a bone marrow test, which was done, but the doctors had to admit him because he had developed pneumonia. 

 We all know the power of prayer and in everything we must pray God’s will be done.

 Tom and Maggi Horst

August 27-2008

Ken Meade, a long time Emmaus Community Member, passed away this morning after a two year battle with cancer.  Please remember Catherine and her family in your prayers.

August 20-2008

Please put Tom Rankin on the prayer list.  Tom has been diagnosed with leukemia, AML to be exact.  Tom was admitted to the James Cancer Center on July 20th  Tom has been through aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  Tom and Marlene remain in great spirits.  They are a testimony to their love of the Lord.   

Address:  Tom Rankin,  Room 1039, The James Cancer Center , 300 W. 10th Avenue , Columbus , OH   43210

 Tom & Maggi Horst

June 30-2008

It is with sad heart that we inform the community that Jim Overstake passed away Friday June 27
He will be greatly missed in the community and we express our condolences  to Kay and the family . 
He is with Jesus our Lord in paradise today ! 
God Bless you Jim . 
DeColores !

Funeral Arrangements :

Services will be 11:00 AM Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at the Mowrystown Presbyterian Church, Burial in the Mowrystown Cemetery, Visitation Monday, 5:00-9:00 PM at the Edgington Funeral Home in Mowrystown.

June 25-2008

 News of Jim Overstake – some of you may have already received this, but I want to get it out to many prayer warriors.

John M. Glaze,

From: Kay Overstake

Re : Jim Overstake

On June the 11th, my sister Mary sent out an e-mail for me. It said how a friend of ours had a word from GOD saying Jim would be healed. Debbie Mitchell also sent one out too. Karen felt the LORD told her that when the drs. told us that there was nothing else to do, we would see a move of the LORD. But, it had to be when NO ONE could say this cured him or that cured him. It would be evident that it was a miracle, a miracle that only GOD could give. Well let me tell you where we are at. Last week the drs. told us that Jim has tumor or clot in his heart. It has taken up a large amount of the space where the blood flows back into the heart. There is again tumor or clot in the liver either in or pressing against the vena cava vein. Blood can flow down the body, but it can't come back up very well. At the end of May when we were still at home Jim weighed 233 lbs. today he weighed 324. Down 7 pounds from his biggest point of 331. He is so swollen and he can't move very well. He has so much fluid in his body. Last night when he laid down even slightly elevated in the bed I could hear gurgling in his lung. His right lung is almost full of fluid. He is in agony, it's just miserable for him, for us. But still he fights and says he wants to live. Every day his blood and enzyme counts change. Tonight the 2 drs. that have been with us thru this whole hospital stay came in and wanted to let us know that they feel the counts are going down and won't rally. I asked about pulling the fluid off his lung, and they didn't think it would do much for Jim, when they considered the risks. The fluid would come back and he's a risk for bleeding. Plus pneumonia would be a possibility. It would be a very temporary fix, for a high risk. So they told us they feel they have nothing else to do for us, and talked about possible nursing facility care, or maybe hospice care, but we needed to realize that he may not last long enough to even need them. I'm not saying it like they did. They were kind and caring and good to us. These last weeks Jim and I have been waiting for them to say that they are done, that there's nothing left to do. But still hearing it, and seeing the pain in their faces as they broke the news to us, I felt like the floor was dropping out from underneath me. God forgive my fear, this is where we need to be for him to work. Well we are there. Jim will not live without a touch from God. Period. I'm fighting my fears, and waiting expectantly on the LORD. GOD has been with us from the beginning, and I know he's here with us now. Please pray with us and for us and we will ALL see the GLORY of LORD.

 Thanks everyone. Kay