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Wilmington Emmaus

January 2018 Newsletter

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The Pilgrim and Sponsor Walk Applications have been updated to include the 2019 Walk Dates. PLEASE discard any old applications you may have and please use the application dated 1-8-2018. The link can be found at the top of the page or on the website's home page. Thank you! If you are seeing older applications, please refresh/reload the page and/or clean out your browser cache and history.

**Welcome to Debbie Bryant, the 2018 Community Chair**



Are you currently receiving important updates or announcements from our Emmaus community? If not, would you like to be added to our E-mail Blast? Send a message to wilmingtonemmaus@gmail.com with your name and any e-mail addresses you'd like added to our Blast database. You will receive a welcome e-mail within a couple days of signing up!

(Added 11-8-2017)


Those parking for gatherings or Emmaus events, be aware as of Oct. 1, 2017 the two parking lots south of the Wilmington Methodist Church are not available for church use per request of the owner. The church now has its office in the basement of the church, not across the alley and the parking lots are off limits per owner request. The church has been unsuccessful in negotiating the matter. Pray about this and park elsewhere.

(Added 10-5-2-17)




   Starting in February 2017, we will be changing our light meal on Sunday to before closing rather than after closing. By Sunday evening, the team and pilgrims are tired and many are anxious to get home. This will enable the kitchen staff to finish the huge clean up efforts while closing is taking place.
   Finger foods, desserts and drinks will be available in the dining room before closing. We will have some of the same on the snack table upstairs for the team and pilgrims. These foods will be provided by the kitchen, you do not need to bring anything in.
   I realize this change may not be well received by some in the community. I would ask for your patience and understanding. The Sunday cleanup takes a great deal of time and effort. It will be a big relief to be able to accomplish the final tasks a little earlier in the day allowing everyone to be home a little bit sooner.

Jenny Dobbs
Kitchen Coordinator

(added 2-16-2017)




The cost of sponsoring a pilgrim is $85.00. The cost helps cover program expenses for food and supplies. If you have not sponsored someone because it was cost prohibitive, the Wilmington Area Emmaus Community has a scholarship fund. This fund is made possible through gifts from previous pilgrims. If you need a scholarship for your pilgrim(s), please contact the 2017 Community Chair Mike Daugherty at mtd45177@gmail.com  or 2017 Community Leadership Bob Brown at bbob197@aol.com BEFORE submitting your applications. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, please contact treasurer Janell Smart at Janell-Smart@cinci.rr.com for more details.

Emmaus Board list is below!



AgapeIf you are sponsoring a pilgrim, please get your letters out to people early. 

 Please remember to put the pilgrim’s first AND last name on all letters.


Name Badges Are Important!

Don’t forget to wear your name badge to ALL Emmaus events. This includes working in the kitchen, scrubbing bathrooms, gatherings, candlelights, and closings.


Music / Singing

Interested in sharing a musical talent?  Volunteers welcome.  Please e-mail the 2017 Community Music person Jennie Harner at harnersewing@yahoo.com.



Interested in finding out more about Chrysalis?  Check out the Chrysalis links on the home page.  



Please support the upcoming walks by:

  •    Providing Agape

  •    Taking part in the 72 Hour Prayer Vigil -- sign up at Gatherings or online

  •    Helping with Logistics

  •    Serving in the Kitchen

  •    Attending Sponsor's Hour, Candlelight and/or Closing



Are you in a share group?


If the answer is "No", the Women's and Men's Good Shepherd are here to help. Please let us know you are looking.  If the answer is "Yes", we would also like to hear from you. Following an Emmaus Walk, new members of the community are often looking for a share group. Sometimes Community members who have been around awhile are also looking for one. If you are in an active share group, you can help by contacting the Women’s or Men's Good Shepherds and letting them know about your group. We are in the process of compiling a database of active Share Groups. The database will be used to help anyone who may be looking for a group to find one in his/her area. We are looking for basic information; when and where you meet and the name and phone number of one member of the group who would serve as a point of contact. We would love to hear from you. The Women’s Good Shepherd is Rebecca Haines and the Men’s Good Shepherd is Johnnie Wass.  Please contact either one with your group’s information or if you are in need of finding a group.


Rebecca Haines - email: rebhaines55@yahoo.com
Johnnie Wass - email:





Community, Did You Know??



 Did you know that we provide FREE childcare at Gatherings and Closings, but not at Candlelight?

 Did you know that you can bring a friend who has not attended the walk to Gatherings?

 Did you know that you need to wear you name tag when attending any Emmaus function?

 Did you know that in order to serve on a live-in team you:

 Must be active in church?

 Must be active in the community?

 Must be in a share group?

 Did you know that Candlelight and Closing services are only for the Emmaus Community? NO ONE that has not attended an Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend can attend the Candlelight or Closing; however, childcare is available during Closing. Food will be provided by the kitchen BEFORE the closing service.

 Did you know that it takes 12 people to volunteer per shift (breakfast, lunch & supper) in the kitchen?

 Did you know that we need 4 people to help set-up on Thursdays of the walk?

 Did you know that we need 4 people to help clean up on Sunday morning so the church can minister to their flock?

 Did you know that it only takes 4 people each evening between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 pm to scrub those glorious bathrooms?

 Did you know that the 72 hour prayer vigil needs 72 praying angels?

 Did you know that taping and/or picture taking of any part of the Emmaus Weekend is not allowed?

 Did you know that God loves you and so do we?




Agape Instructions


Do you remember how you felt when you received all you Agape on your Walk?  We want all the new Pilgrims to feel the same way, so there are a few reminders for you when giving Agape. According to the "Hand Book on Emmaus" page #60, "Table agape is an expression of unconditional love, therefore personal names are not attached, although Reunion Group or church names are acceptable." Please remember that letters are always welcome but please do not send any gifts. If you have a gift for your pilgrim, give it to him/her after the walk. The deadline for letters is Sunday at noon.  Also, remember the copyright laws; WE CANNOT DISTRIBUTE ANYTHING THAT HAS BEEN COPYRIGHTED. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.


If you or your share group make table Agape, be sure you know how many you will need for the walk. Storage is at a minimum and we cannot keep all the extras, so please let us know who gives the Agape so we can give the extras back. We simply do not have storage for the extras and they may be thrown out. To get the number on the walk you can check the website. Also, it is requested by the Upper Room that table and bedtime agape do not contain the names of those giving it, except for names of share/reunion groups or church names. Please do not include individual people's names in a reunion group.  




* Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., with singing beginning at 6:45 p.m.  Childcare available.  (Board meeting 6:00 p.m.)

* When attending a gathering, you may wish to bring food to share during the fellowship time.

* Please come and invite a friend!

The Board of Directors 2017

Alphabetical order by position
First Last Position E- Mail
Latasha Ruddle Agape lruddle@yahoo.com
Andrew Ruddle Agape ruddle.andrew@yahoo.com
Mike Daugherty Community Chair mtd45177@gmail.com
Johnnie Wass Good Shepherd - Men's  jwass@rocketmail.com
Rebecca Haines Good Shepherd - Women's  rebhaines55@yahoo.com
Jenny Dobbs Kitchen homeontherange88@yahoo.com
Bob Brown Leadership bbob197@aol.com
Pete Sams Logistics peyerjeter57@gmail.com
Ed Wells Member at Large royeddiewells@gmail.com
Jennie Harner Music harnersewing@yahoo.com
Leone Bihl Newsletter jbihl@att.net
Wanda Armstrong Purchaser warmstrong001@cinci.rr.com
Tim Miller Registrar - Men's tim.miller@aimmro.com
Nichole Avery Registrar - Women's (Co)  114avery@gmail.com
Donna Potts Registrar - Women's (Co)  donna2009@live.com
Sue Hamann Secretary ashamann@tds.net
Susan Thompson Social Committee (Co) s_thompson54@yahoo.com
    Social Committee (Co)  
Dave Hinman Spiritual Director davehinman@gmail.com
Maurice Mitchell Spiritual Director revmgm@hotmail.com
Joy Stanforth Spiritual Director jestanforth@gmail.com
Ken Houghtaling Sponsorship - Men's  captkenny1951@gmail.com
Kendra Young Sponsorship - Women's  klycne@yahoo.com
Janell Smart Treasurer Janell-Smart@cinci.rr.com
Robyn Hinman Worship Outreach rohinman22@gmail.com

Volunteer Members

Randy Riley Church Liaison crriley@cinci.rr.com
Sharon Newton Church Secretary www.wilmingtonumc.com
Karen Morgan Co-Historian kmorgan1223@embarqmail.com
Jim West Co-Historian jw719@aol.com
Mark & Janet Workman Emmaus Web Servants workman@in-touch.net
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