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The Pilgrim and Sponsor Walk Applications have been updated to include the 2019 Walk Dates. PLEASE discard any old applications you may have and please use the application dated 1-8-2018. The link can be found at the top of the page or on the website's home page. Thank you! If you are seeing older applications, please refresh/reload the page and/or clean out your browser cache and history.

(Added 1-8-2018)



Are you currently receiving important updates or announcements from our Emmaus community? If not, would you like to be added to our E-mail Blast? Send a message to with your name and any e-mail addresses you'd like added to our Blast database. You will receive a welcome e-mail within a couple days of signing up!

(Added 11-8-2017)


Those parking for gatherings or Emmaus events, be aware as of Oct. 1, 2017 the two parking lots south of the Wilmington Methodist Church are not available for church use per request of the owner. The church now has its office in the basement of the church, not across the alley and the parking lots are off limits per owner request. The church has been unsuccessful in negotiating the matter. Pray about this and park elsewhere. Thank you for your courtesy.

(Added 10-5-2017)


If you or your pilgrim cannot afford the walk fee, please contact the Community Chair or Community Leadership person about our Scholarship Program BEFORE sending in the application to the registrar. Thank you.

2017 Community Chair Mike Daugherty
2017 Community Leadership Bob Brown

(updated 7-7-2017)


Would you like to be on a Wilmington Emmaus Live-in Team for an upcoming Walk Weekend? Serving on a team is a wonderful experience, and new people are always needed to fill the positions. However, being on a team is not for everyone, so it is very helpful for those who are choosing team members to know who is interested in serving. If you would like to be considered for a team, please e-mail either Mike Daugherty at or Randy Riley at and include your contact information. Also, if you are interested in helping out with the music on a team (or a gathering!) please let Jennie Harner know at

(updated 1-25-2017)


Moving? New Phone Number? New Name?

It is very challenging to keep the Wilmington Area Emmaus Community database of members current. We use our database to know who is eligible to serve as team members on our Emmaus Walk weekends and to publish the community roster. Randy Riley and Chuck Tabor have maintained the information for several years. Over that time, people have changed addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and even names. We also have Chrysalis members and Emmaus members who did not take their Pilgrim Walk at the Wilmington United Methodist Church who are not included in the database. If you know of changes that need to be made to your information, or if you donít think you are included in our database, please contact Randy at or call him at 937-382-6204. If there is no answer, leave a message with the information and Randy will make all the necessary changes or additions. The information needed is: Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Walk # and where and when your walk was taken. DeColores.

(added 5-6-2015)


An important reminder regarding Table Agape: According to the "Hand Book On Emmaus" on page 60, "Table agape is an expression of unconditional love, therefore personal names are not attached, although Reunion Group or church names are acceptable." Please do not include the names of the reunion group's members. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


   Starting in February 2017, we will be changing our light meal on Sunday to before closing rather than after closing. By Sunday evening, the team and pilgrims are tired and many are anxious to get home. This will enable the kitchen staff to finish the huge clean up efforts while closing is taking place.
   Finger foods, desserts and drinks will be available in the dining room before closing. We will have some of the same on the snack table upstairs for the team and pilgrims. These foods will be provided by the kitchen, you do not need to bring anything in.
   I realize this change may not be well received by some in the community. I would ask for your patience and understanding. The Sunday cleanup takes a great deal of time and effort. It will be a big relief to be able to accomplish the final tasks a little earlier in the day allowing everyone to be home a little bit sooner.

Jenny Dobbs
Kitchen Coordinator
(added 2-16-2017)