Faith in Flight 


Once upon a time there lived in a part of the known world a very industrious caterpillar. He was interested in everything that happened to everyone else. Actually he was quite nosey! His name was Goggles.

He was especially interested in some of his cousin's friends who had gone to a meeting called Chrysalis, or was it puzzled? Because after they attended that meeting, Goggles never saw them again.

Goggles pestered and pestered his cousin Eli, wanting to know exactly what was going on! But every time Goggles asked Jimminy, to the consternation of Goggles,

Jimminy only smiled and said: 
Goggles, just look up and you will see
with a clearness you have never experienced 
in your life!


So just give Jimminy a little time and he will also tell you who the next group of caterpillars are going to be!