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As you know, Faith in Flight has been having difficulties in performing our ministry for various reasons. After receiving some input from the community at the July Hoot and also through a few e-mails, it was decided to continue having the monthly hoots on the third Monday of the month. The decision was also made not to plan winter flights for 2007 due to time constraints, but that does not mean we are giving up! Boys #10 and Girls #14 are being planned for early June 2007. The deadline to turn in applications for both flights is January 15, 2007. The amount of confirmed caterpillars as of this date will determine whether or not the flights will be held.

Needless to say, the next few months will be crucial to the survival of the Faith in Flight community. In order to continue serving the youth of Fayette County and the surrounding counties, support will be needed from everyone, not just a few. This includes the Emmaus community as well as the Chrysalis community. We, and God, must all work together in order to do this. Please continue to pray daily about this issue and ask God for His guidance. Remember, we not only count on Christ; Christ counts on US, too -- we are His hands and feet.

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